“Brushing your teeth during pregnancy is easy to lose your teeth.” this is a saying handed down by the older generation, and some pregnant mothers believe it. In fact, this view is not correct. Pregnant women should pay more attention to oral health and oral care, otherwise it is easy to cause oral diseases and pose a threat to the health of mother and baby.

According to medical research, the relationship between preterm infants and oral diseases was investigated, and the corresponding antibodies against oral bacteria of their mothers were found. It was preliminarily confirmed that the oral bacteria of pregnant women were related to some premature delivery.

The increase of female hormone in pregnant mother’s body will make the vascular proliferation in gingiva and enhance the permeability of blood vessels, which is easy to induce gingivitis. If it is not contained in time, it is easy to develop into moderate or severe periodontitis, which increases the probability of premature and low birth weight infants.

In addition, the cariogenic bacteria in the mouth of pregnant mothers can infect the fetus through vertical transmission, and the baby born to a pregnant mother with caries has an increased probability of caries in the future.

▍ how does a pregnant mother care for her mouth?

1. Do oral examination regularly

Pregnant mothers should do oral examination regularly. Because oral diseases usually develop rapidly, regular examination can ensure early detection and treatment, so as to avoid the expansion of lesions. For more serious oral diseases that must be treated, the relatively safe time in the second trimester of pregnancy (4-6 months) should be selected.

2. Pay attention to oral hygiene and brush teeth scientifically

Don’t listen to “brushing during pregnancy is easy to lose teeth.”. During pregnancy, we should brush teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after meals, and pay attention to oral hygiene, so that gingivitis and other diseases have no chance to take advantage of. For pregnant women who are prone to dental caries, some fluoride can be used to prevent dental caries, such as fluoride mouthwash.

3. Balanced nutrition

In addition to protein, vitamin A, D, C and inorganic substances such as calcium and phosphorus are also very important for a pregnant mother to take in adequate nutrition, because it can protect the pregnant mother, enhance the repair ability of the body tissue to the damage, and is also very helpful to the development of the fetal teeth.

▍ how to remove bad breath during pregnancy?

Oral health is very important, but there will inevitably be embarrassing situations, such as heavy breath, so that pregnant mothers in many occasions are “difficult to speak”. Is there any way to help pregnant mothers get rid of bad breath?

1. Gargle frequently and drink more water

Pregnant mothers often gargle, can remove oral odor, especially after eating more need to gargle, so as to avoid food residues in the mouth, breeding bacteria, causing bad smell. Of course, drinking more water can also help remove bad breath.

2. Clean tongue coating regularly

When a pregnant mother has a bad smell in her mouth, brushing her teeth every day is needless to say. In addition, you can clean the tongue coating after brushing your teeth, which also helps to remove the bad breath.

3. Avoid irritating or heavy taste food

Many women’s taste changes after pregnancy, like to eat sour, sweet, hemp, spicy and other stimulating or taste heavy food. And these foods will make pregnant mother’s bad breath worse, not too much to eat.

4. Pay attention to special medical history

Many diseases can cause taste changes or halitosis, such as respiratory tract, throat, nostrils, bronchus, lung infection will have this phenomenon, and diabetes, liver or kidney problems, will also have taste change problems. Therefore, if a pregnant mother has a history of special diseases or significant changes in breath and taste, she should seek medical advice in time.

If pregnant mothers do not pay attention to oral care, it is easy to cause oral diseases, not only suffer from it, but also affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mothers must do a good job in oral care, to prevent the future.


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