Frequent and changeable spring is also a time of frequent influenza. Pregnant mothers will find that it was sunny in the morning, rainy and rainy in a short time, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and it is easy to catch cold if they are not careful.

Expectant mothers are in a sensitive period of the body, which is extremely sensitive to the outside temperature, bacteria, viruses and so on. If they are careless, they will easily fall ill, catch cold, have a fever, and seriously affect the small fetus in their stomach. Therefore, in this changeable weather in early spring, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to preventing cold or viral influenza caused by weather mutation, so how to prevent it? Let’s take a look.

1) Reasonable diet and balanced nutrition

Balanced nutrition during pregnancy is not only to supplement the nutrition needed for unborn babies, but also to increase the resistance of mothers-to-be. During pregnancy, mothers eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible, and avoid greasy, cold and sour foods, such as cold drinks and poor-quality seafood. If the pregnant mother with severe vomiting can drink milk powder during pregnancy to supplement nutrition oh.

2) Don’t catch cold, keep warm

Pregnant women’s constitution is weaker than that of normal people. In spring, it is wet and rainy. Once they accidentally catch cold, they are easy to get sick. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to keeping warm in peacetime. In spring, when it is warm or cold, we should pay more attention to the warmth in our clothes.

3) Pay attention to rest

Don’t overwork. Good sleep quality is very important. A good sleep can help mothers relieve their fatigue and increase their resistance.

4) Maintain air circulation

Maintain indoor air circulation, how humid and changeable the weather, or to ensure that there is fresh air in the living room, the office also maintains indoor air circulation, so as to reduce the spread of bacteria.

5) Do not go to crowded places

During pregnancy, we should try our best to reduce the number of large gatherings. This season is when influenza is frequent. Reducing the number of people and crowded buses during pregnancy can reduce the chance of infection. Wear a mask when necessary.


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