Early pregnancy is a critical period, because the fetus is not stable, a little carelessness is prone to accidents. The most serious consequences are abortion, and bleeding and abdominal pain are the main symptoms. If these two symptoms occur, pregnant women should not take them lightly.

1. Causes of threatened abortion

The causes of threatened abortion are very complex, which can be divided into three aspects: chromosomal abnormalities, maternal aspects and environmental aspects.

Chromosome abnormalities include quantitative and structural abnormalities. Studies have shown that in early spontaneous abortion, 50% to 60% of pregnancies have chromosomal abnormalities. If one of the couples has a chromosomal abnormality, it can be transmitted to the offspring, leading to abortion or repeated abortion. The threatened abortion caused by these factors often turns into inevitable abortion (that is, inevitable abortion).

If the mother suffers from systemic diseases, such as infection, anemia, chronic nephritis, severe malnutrition, or bad habits, such as smoking, alcoholism and so on, it may lead to threatened abortion.

Environmental aspects: If women are exposed to high radiation for a long time or exposed to excessive lead-containing products, it may also lead to threatened abortion.

2. How to prevent threatened abortion?

When pregnant women are excited about their pregnancy, they should pay more attention to it and take more care of their families. The best way to prevent threatened abortion is to fully understand the causes and solutions, and then carefully pay attention to all aspects of life.

1. Attention to bed rest

Only adequate sleep is conducive to normal metabolism of the human body, especially for pregnant women with a history of threatened abortion or symptoms. When necessary, they can rest in bed and pay attention to maintaining the quiet bedroom.

2. Pay attention to strengthening nutrition

Inadequate nutrition is also one of the causes of threatened abortion, so pregnant women need to strengthen nutrition, pay attention to light diet, balanced nutrition, do not eat too greasy, spicy and other foods. At the same time, attention should be paid to dietary hygiene to avoid abdominal pain caused by intestinal infection.

3. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation

In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to reduce exercise, not climb or lift heavy objects, to avoid excessive fatigue. Although the body temperature of pregnant women is slightly higher than that of ordinary people, some pregnant women are more afraid of heat than before pregnancy, but in the coming autumn and winter, it is necessary to prevent cold and warm, to prevent colds.

4. Keep a pleasant mood

Pregnant women’s mood is changeable, excessive fear, sadness, anger and other negative emotions may also lead to threatened abortion. As a pregnant woman, she needs to adjust her mental state well, keep her happy mood, keep her baby calm and don’t think so as to avoid speeding up the abortion.

If the symptoms of threatened abortion are found, we can go to the hospital for a detailed examination to find out the exact cause and find the best solution. If there is no such situation, pregnant women should greet the birth of their babies with a positive attitude.


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