Often see pregnant mothers often listless appearance, think they are sick, ask to know because they did not sleep well. Especially in late pregnancy, most pregnant mothers suffer from sleep problems. In order to ensure the health of the fetus, the pregnant mother must try her best to ensure sleep.

_Sleep status is different in early, middle and late pregnancy.

Early pregnancy

@ Tingting: Recently, I always feel sleepy. After breakfast in the morning, I feel sleepy again. After lunch, I feel very sleepy. Now I’m pregnant for less than two months. After that, I have to stay up for a long time. I feel drowsy all day. I feel very decadent. But what can I do?

It’s normal to feel sleepy in the early stages of pregnancy. Some mothers even suspect that they are ill. In fact, pregnant mothers are not sick because of their increased progesterone levels and the feeling of sleepiness. Progesterone hormone can provide support and guarantee for the early growth and development of the fetus, and it can also play a certain role in calming the uterus.

Midtrimester of pregnancy

@ Meijuan: 17 weeks pregnant, recently feel very good, no pregnancy and vomiting, no tiredness, eat, sleep well, sincerely hope that this state can be maintained until life.

By the second trimester of pregnancy, the body has adapted to this state of high hormone levels, sleep, diet and other aspects will be improved, and no longer feel as uncomfortable as in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Late pregnancy

@ Lingling: At last, it’s late pregnancy. We can unload the goods after another period of time. But recently it’s been a long time. Especially in the evening, I can’t sleep well and often go to the toilet. 每天睡不好,真担心自己熬不住,也怕影响宝宝健康。

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant mother protrudes forward obviously, and the abdomen enlarges faster, which will affect the sleep of the pregnant mother. In addition, pregnant women are prone to be interrupted by urine at night, and their stomachs are large and their movements are inconvenient. Every time they go to the toilet, they toss and turn for a while, and it is difficult to fall asleep when they return to bed. And near childbirth, maternal psychological pressure, easy to think, will also affect sleep. Sleep quality in the third trimester is generally worse than that in the first trimester and the second trimester.

_Simple 4 tactics, have a good sleep during pregnancy

Poor sleep during pregnancy not only makes the mother feel tired, but also may affect the health of the fetus. Even if the baby is born, it may be a crying, short-tempered baby. So pregnant women should try their best to improve their sleep during pregnancy.

1. Spend a quiet day

Women tend to become sensitive and moody after pregnancy. Mothers should minimize their emotional stress. If their emotions fluctuate during the day, they may not be able to calm down and fall asleep at night. Take a hot bath and drink a cup of hot milk before going to bed to soothe tense nerves.

2. Exercise appropriately

Proper exercise during the day makes it easier to fall asleep at night. Activating the body through exercise during the day can not only reduce stress, but also prolong the time of deep sleep at night and restore physical strength. Exercise in the morning or afternoon is more conducive to sleep.

3. Sleep in the most comfortable position

For most pregnant women, the most comfortable sleeping position is to lie on the left side with a pillow between the knees and the lower back. Lying on the left side of a pregnant woman can alleviate reflux, because gravity can help stomach contents stop in the stomach, and can also protect the liver from compression, because the liver is on the right side. Lateral lying also prevents breathing problems or snoring, which often result from lying on the back, so that the fetus can get better blood supply.

4. Take naps 1-2 times during the day

For pregnant mothers, if they can arrange 1-2 naps during the day and guarantee 20-30 minutes each time, their mental state will be significantly improved and their energy will be more vigorous. For working mothers, this is more difficult, but naps must be guaranteed.


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