Long pregnancy is a painful and happy ten months for pregnant mothers. Although I haven’t met my baby yet, the arrival of my baby has brought wonderful and interesting changes to my mother’s life, even affecting the people around me.

From carefulness at the beginning, to habituation later, to nervousness during childbirth. In these ten months, the mood of the pregnant mother is really ups and downs. Tell the pregnant mother some interesting phenomena, hoping to make the mother laugh and relax.

1. Expectant fathers also have pregnancy reactions.

Instead of joking, expectant fathers may also have pregnancy reactions, such as morning sickness, obesity and cramps, which are called pregnancy-associated syndrome. But this is mainly due to the increased mental pressure of expectant fathers, changes in hormones in the body, as well as worries about pregnant mothers and fetal treasures, as well as the joy of being a father caused by a variety of emotions intertwined.

The pregnant reaction of the expectant father is mainly affected by the pregnant mother. As long as the expectant father takes good care of the pregnant mother, the symptoms of the expectant father can also improve. Therefore, with the increase of the wife’s pregnancy, most of the pregnancy-associated syndrome of expectant fathers will gradually disappear.

2. Babies yawn, suck and swallow

When the baby is still in the stomach, it will yawn, suck and swallow these little things. But at this time, the fetal baby’s nutritional absorption is transmitted through the umbilical cord, so his sucking and swallowing is not very meaningful.

3. The umbilical cord is used as a toy by the baby

Although the place where the baby stays is only a little bit, it does not prevent the baby from releasing its playful nature. Without toys, play with the umbilical cord.

However, babies do not know that playing with the umbilical cord is actually more dangerous, easy to “play” when the umbilical cord around, thus causing asphyxia. But don’t worry about pregnant mothers. In most cases, the baby will come out by itself.

4. Babies will drink their own urine

The baby learns to urinate in about 20 weeks, and the urine discharged by the baby enters the amniotic fluid. Even more incredible is that they will drink their own urine, cycle back and forth.

Fetal baby’s urine does not contain pathogenic bacteria, and urine waste will be discharged through the umbilical cord of the pregnant mother to achieve purifying effect, so the pregnant mother can rest assured.

5. Babies can move their bones and make faces.

Babies are very naughty and can move their arms freely and bend their fingers and toes as they get older. When the baby is a little older, it can also grasp the bending, stretching, turning the palm, wrist and other movements, hands and feet are very flexible.

By the end of pregnancy, Tiebao will turn over, kick hands and feet, shake hands, open hands, and mother will have a clear feeling about it. In addition, his facial expression will gradually enrich.

6. Mother-to-be’s sense of smell and taste becomes very sensitive

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother becomes “picky”. She used to like food, but now she wants to vomit when she smells it, whereas she used to dislike food, she can’t help but want to eat it.

Smell, too, becomes very sensitive and often smells something different from what it used to be. In fact, women’s estrogen levels during pregnancy increase, so that the maternal sensory sensitivity is improved.

It is also believed that this is an immune mechanism formed by the human body to prevent pregnant women from eating foods with low toxicity but which are easily harmful to the fetus.


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