Many pregnant mothers say that sometimes they are sleepy even though they have slept a lot. Sometimes they just wake up soon after they fall asleep. Sleep during pregnancy is really a “grinding goblin”. Various changes after pregnancy often make pregnant mothers sleep unstable.

_Pregnant mothers need more sleep

In the early stage of pregnancy, chorionic gonadal hormones increase, and pregnant mothers are prone to fatigue and drowsiness. In addition to chorionic gonadal hormones, the body secretes luteal hormones after pregnancy, which make uterine muscles soft and prevent miscarriage, but this hormone has anaesthetic effect, can make pregnant women act a little dull, will also feel “always want to sleep”.

In addition, the increase of basic metabolism of pregnant women, changes in maternal secretory system during pregnancy, fast heat consumption and insufficient blood sugar are also the causes of sleepiness during pregnancy.

After the first trimester of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers become more energetic; in the third trimester, although they feel tired, they are not as tired as in the first trimester.

Adequate sleep during pregnancy is good for the health of pregnant mothers. It can slow down the heartbeat, reduce hormones and increase growth hormones. But lack of sleep can reduce leptin (the hormone that controls appetite) and lead to excessive intake, worsen depression, and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes.

_Seven Reasons for Pregnant Mothers’Unstable Sleep

Although pregnant mothers know the importance of sleep, they do not sleep when they want to, or wake up when they want to. Sometimes pregnant mothers wake up easily even when they fall asleep. The main reasons are as follows:

1. Deep Sleep Reduction

With the increase of gestational weeks, the time of deep sleep of pregnant mothers decreased, and the time of eye movement sleep increased. Eye movement sleep refers to a sleep state that is more sensitive to the surroundings and easier to wake up. Even though the baby is not yet born and has not yet entered the stage of night feeding and diaper changing, the situation of sleep loss has emerged, which is also an inevitable “by-product” of motherhood.

2. Tiny Treasure

Tiebao turns upside down in her mother’s stomach day and night, while the pregnant mother is active during the day, while the baby falls asleep in the shaking. In the evening, the pregnant mother had difficulty stopping to rest, but the baby woke up, he would be in the mother’s stomach activities, happy will also “punch and kick”, so that the pregnant mother can not sleep.

3. Frequent urination

In the early stage of pregnancy, a downward pressure is exerted on the bladder, which makes the pregnant mother feel intentional to urinate. When the uterus is large enough to develop the pelvis upwards, enter the abdominal cavity and leave the bladder, this situation will disappear. In the late stage of pregnancy, the uterus filled with fetus, amniotic fluid and placenta will occupy the bladder space and make your intent to urinate frequently.

In addition, high levels of progesterone required for pregnancy can also cause frequent urination. If you feel like urinating, get up and go to the toilet as soon as possible. Don’t hold back. The sooner you go, the sooner you come back and go to bed.

4. Heartburn

Increasingly, the fetus will compress the diaphragm, causing the burning gastric acid to be pushed into the esophagus, resulting in gastroesophageal reflux. Sleeping on the left side in a semi-lying position, using gravity to leave acid in the stomach, while lying flat can cause reflux.

5. Physical pain

Leg cramps and itchy skin can make it difficult for pregnant mothers to sleep. Especially in the late pregnancy, leg spasm is more obvious, and calcium deficiency will aggravate the spasm. Pregnant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables, and take calcium products under the guidance of doctors. When spasm occurs, you can bend your toes in the direction of the head to relieve the spasm. In addition, we should pay attention to skin moisturizing, especially in dry winter, pregnant mothers can apply special skin care lotion for pregnant women, alleviate skin itching.

6. Overworrying

After pregnancy, women will become more sensitive, often worried about the health of fetal treasures, pain in childbirth, family worries, anxiety about the recovery of postpartum figure, etc., all kinds of worries will bring pressure to pregnant mothers, thus affecting sleep.

Think day by day and dream night by night. Many pregnant mothers dream frequently. What they think during the day can reflect their dreams, which is even more disturbing.


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