Many pregnant moms in the workplace will worry about lunch. It’s hard for pregnant moms to decide whether to bring food or eat fast food. Taking food with you is good, but it also has its disadvantages. Of course, eating fast food is also good and bad. It’s hard to decide whether it’s better to bring food or to eat fast food, but it’s still necessary for pregnant mothers to know their own disadvantages and try to avoid them. Whether it’s taking food or eating fast food, pregnant mothers should make themselves eat healthier!

Dai fan vs. fast food

Disadvantages of bringing rice

Is it really healthy to bring food? Not necessarily!

The packed lunch box of the previous night is put in the refrigerator, and the food will not go bad in general. But in the hot summer with the lunch box to go out, the temperature of the lunch box will rise on the way to work, easy to cause the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, pregnant women may cause gastrointestinal disease after eating.

The amount of nitrite in overnight vegetables will increase with the increase of storage time, especially green leafy vegetables. Repeated heating of the meal will reduce the nutritional composition, vitamin C and other far less than fresh out of the pot meal.

Plastic lunch boxes are not so safe when heated repeatedly in high temperature in microwave oven, especially those with poor quality. In addition, pregnant moms should worry about the radiation of microwave ovens if they are cooking.

Disadvantages of fast food

There are so many disadvantages in bringing food. Is it better for pregnant mothers to eat fast food? Not necessarily!

Fast food is generally high in calories, oil, salt, sugar and fiber, which does not conform to the nutritional rules of pregnant mothers.

The dining environment of the small restaurants outside is mostly poor, which will affect the appetite of pregnant mothers; the consumption of the big restaurants is high, and you can’t eat your wallet every day. Of course, pregnant moms can order takeout. Although the problem of dining environment is solved, the quality of fast food can not be changed.

Food is the most important thing for the people. Whether they bring food or fast food, they should eat it. For pregnant mothers, they should not only fill their stomachs, but also eat nutritiously and healthily. So how to eat with the mother of Fanzu and fast food clan? Let me teach you some tips!

How to eat healthily?

Take the healthy eating method of Fanzu, pregnant Mommy learn it!

Vegetarians: green leafy vegetables are not recommended. It’s better to bring fruits and melon vegetables, which are not easy to deteriorate. After heating in the microwave oven, they can better preserve the color and fragrance. For example, tomatoes, eggplant, soybeans, tender kidney beans, radishes, sweet potatoes, etc. are more suitable.

Meat and seafood: try to choose beef, mutton and chicken with less unsaturated fatty acids. It is not recommended to take fish and seafood, because it is difficult to maintain the original color and flavor of the fish and seafood heated by microwave oven, which will affect appetite. It is not suitable to bring food with high fat content, such as double cooked pork, etc.

Heating method: when the microwave oven heats the rice, the cover can be covered to leave air holes for heating to prevent excessive evaporation of water. If the food is dry, sprinkle less boiled water on it and then heat it. Heating time should not be too long, generally about two minutes.

Selection of lunch boxes: select the lunch boxes suitable for microwave heating, and these lunch boxes will generally be marked with the words “suitable for microwave oven”. Although the glass lunch box is fragile and heavy, it is generally considered to be safer, easy to clean and not greasy.

Fast food healthy eating, pregnant Mommy learn!

1. It’s not suitable for pregnant mothers to go too far when eating nearby, especially in hot summer.

2. Choose a restaurant with a good dining environment, at least look spacious and sanitary, try to stay away from the noisy environment and avoid breathing second-hand smoke.

3. The seat should be the place where the people around you walk less than the place where the waiter serves.

4. The dishes are mainly light. Spicy hot pot and barbecue are not suitable for pregnant mothers. The choice of vegetable meat and vegetable should be reasonable, intake of a variety of nutrients, in order to provide adequate nutrition for the fetus.

The health of pregnant mothers is the health of the baby. In order to make the fetus grow better, pregnant mothers need to start from the details of daily life. Pregnant diet can not be as casual as before. Even if you eat, you should also remember to consider the health and nutrition of the baby.


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