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What quack recommended for you today is 12 weeks of pregnancy, +6 days.

Now you have done B ultrasound, see the baby’s B ultrasound, is it very exciting?

In addition to excitement, you may also have a lot of questions: how many times during pregnancy to do B ultrasound, when to do, pregnancy to do B ultrasound will affect the baby?

I’ll talk to you in detail.

Generally speaking, you need to do 5 B ultrasound during the whole pregnancy.

The first B-ultrasonography, in the 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy examination, the main purpose is to estimate the age of pregnancy, determine whether intrauterine pregnancy, to see whether single or multiple births. If it is multiple, it is also necessary to judge chorionic.

The second ultrasonography was performed at 11-14 weeks of gestation with the primary objective of Down’s screening in early pregnancy.

The third B-mode ultrasound is a systematic ultrasound examination of 18-24 weeks of pregnancy.

The fourth B-scan is about 32 weeks of pregnancy, mainly monitoring the growth and development of fetal babies.

The fifth time B ultrasound, is about 37 weeks of pregnancy, mainly to estimate the weight of the baby, check the fetal position, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood flow, placenta and so on.

As for whether multiple B-ultrasound will affect the health of the baby, in fact, you really do not have to worry, there is no evidence at present that B-ultrasound can cause damage to the baby, and the benefits of B-ultrasound, it is obvious, it is a good way to judge whether the baby is normal development.

Another point, Gua Gua really reminds me, is now very popular to take baby’s four-dimensional B-ultrasound photos as a souvenir.

This point itself is beyond reproach, but to choose a professional hospital and doctor to do B ultrasound, because B ultrasound equipment, as well as the doctor’s technical level and proficiency requirements are very high. You have to remember that the primary purpose of doing B-mode ultrasound is to determine the development of the baby rather than taking pictures.

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The following questions and answers are from the expert interview with Xing Yue, the chief physician of the Department of Functional Examination of Xi’an Qujiang Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. For more details of the interview, please check out the topic of the expert’s viewpoint: Pregnancy B ultrasonic examination is divided into five stages according to the gestational week (click the previous text to jump to the special page)

Q: does B-ultrasound during pregnancy affect fetus and pregnant women?

Dr. Yue Yue:

Some expectant mothers worry that ultrasound will affect fetal health, generally speaking, ultrasound has little impact on the fetus, but expectant mothers must be guided by obstetricians to master the number of examinations, B ultrasound too many times, will affect the fetus. Fetal scanning is most concerned about the temperature rise, if the sound wave in a fixed place is dense, and the accumulation of a long time will produce a thermal effect, when this effect reaches a certain extent, human tissue will have adverse effects, causing damage to the tissue, so the fetal time as far as possible to control in 30 minutes, inspection. Check a certain organ as far as possible not more than five minutes, especially for the eyes, heart, genital and other sensitive parts.

Q: what are the matters needing attention in B-ultrasound examination during pregnancy?

Dr. Yue Yue:

B ultrasound should pay attention to the following items:

Early pregnancy B-ultrasonography because too small bladder to see clearly, and after 11 weeks the embryo grew up do not need to hold the urine;

Expectant mothers try not to go on an empty stomach to do B-ultrasound examination, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, fetal hunger is not very cooperative, because some ultrasound anatomy and data can not see clearly will lead to inaccurate data or cause missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis;

Pregnant women should not be nervous during the examination, try to maintain a pleasant mood, with ultrasound doctor inspection, if too nervous in the examination, may affect the results of the examination;

Try not to eat food that produces gas before doing B-ultrasound examination, such as milk, radish, cabbage, celery, tofu, sweet potato, pumpkin, etc., because this will hinder the penetration of ultrasound, affecting the quality of inspection;

Before doing the ultrasound examination, touch the baby and communicate with each other, tell the baby to cooperate with the examination, the baby will cooperate with the mother.


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