The sleep, diet and mood of pregnant mothers will have an impact on the fetus. In order to conceive a healthy baby, it is particularly important to raise the fetus scientifically.

After pregnancy, you can’t continue to be a wayward eater, and you can’t drink spicy food every day; You can’t be a night owl, you can’t chase the drama until it’s dark; You can’t cry when you want to cry, quarrel when you want to quarrel, and you can’t release your emotions as much as you want… Is this still scientific fetal rearing or natural restraint? If you want to raise your fetus scientifically, come and see these four secrets!

▍ ensure sleep and sleep in the left lying position

Pregnant mothers are prone to fatigue, especially in the early stage of pregnancy, and should rest as much as possible. Pregnant mothers in the workplace had better take a nap during their lunch break and have energy only when they go to work in the afternoon. Full time pregnant mothers are relatively relaxed. They sleep whenever they want to, so as to ensure adequate sleep. Pay attention to creating a good sleeping environment, and keep the bedroom quiet without noise.

In addition, the sleeping position of pregnant women is also very important. Generally, after 5 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not lie on their back and right side for a long time. If you lie on your back, the enlarged uterus will compress the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava in the rear, which will significantly reduce the blood supply to the uterus. Some pregnant women will feel chest tightness and shortness of breath, which will also affect the health of the fetus. If you sleep in the right lying position, the uterus that is already right can press more to the right with gravity, compressing the liver of the right upper abdomen, resulting in discomfort. However, the left lying position avoids the above discomfort and is more suitable for pregnant women.

▍ combine work with rest and exercise properly

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to the combination of work and rest. As long as their physical condition allows, they should often walk outdoors. Walking outdoors can not only breathe fresh air and make people feel happy, but also stretch their limbs and help enhance immunity, which is beneficial to both mothers and infants.

On a sunny morning, pregnant mothers can go to the park with fresh air or take a walk in the garden of the community to bask in the sun. The time for walking should be when the pregnant mother doesn’t feel tired. It’s best to be accompanied by family when walking.

Besides walking, yoga for pregnant women is also a good choice. Yoga for pregnant women is relatively light and simple, and the pressure on the joints is relatively small. It is relatively easy for pregnant women. Pregnant women yoga can help pregnant mothers strengthen abdominal muscles and relieve low back pain during pregnancy, which is also beneficial to postpartum recovery.

▍ pay attention to nutrition, eat less and eat more

In terms of diet, pregnant mothers should pay attention to balanced nutrition, reasonable collocation of meat and vegetables, light diet, eat less greasy and spicy food, and eat more food that is easy to digest and absorb. We should also ensure the intake of protein, and the intake of plant protein and animal protein should be balanced. In addition, pregnant women are prone to constipation. They can usually eat more foods that moisten the intestines and defecate, such as coarse grains, vegetables and so on.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean that the more you eat, the better. Too much eating can easily lead to excessive fat accumulation in pregnant mothers, and obesity is prone to pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes and other diseases. Moreover, eating too much is easy to make the fetus too large, which is unfavorable to delivery. Reasonably arrange the diet. You can eat seven or eight full points per meal, and follow the diet principle of eating less and eating more meals.

▍ regulate mood and keep happy

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to regulating their mood and avoid too intense emotions. The uterus of a pregnant mother is the first important environment for fetal life, which will affect the formation and development of the baby’s character.

During pregnancy, if the husband and wife disagree, the family relationship is tense, often noisy, the pregnant mother’s mood fluctuates, the fetus will also feel pain, and may form lonely, cowardly, introverted and other characters. Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to keep a happy mood during pregnancy.

Near the due date of delivery, many pregnant mothers are afraid of childbirth pain or conditions, worried about the baby’s health, worried about the shape distortion after childbirth, and are in a state of fear all day. Such a mentality is also very unfavorable to the baby. What a pregnant mother should do at this time is to adjust her mood. Eat when she should eat and sleep when she should sleep. Don’t worry too much, because your worry is harmful to the baby.


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