During the long pregnancy, you can’t change its length, but you can make it better. Follow certain principles during pregnancy. You will find that pregnancy is not as long and difficult as you think. Knowing how to raise a fetus, pregnant mothers can have a relaxed and happy life every day. Let’s take a look at the two important principles of raising a fetus during pregnancy!

▍ pay attention to diet and nutrition

At different stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will encounter different problems.

In the early stage of pregnancy, the pregnant mother may have a strong reaction to pregnancy and her appetite may be greatly reduced. At this time, what needs to be worried about may be malnutrition;

In the second trimester of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction has disappeared or weakened. The pregnant mother has a good appetite and is easy to eat too much, resulting in excess nutrition;

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus oppresses the pregnant mother’s stomach, and the pregnant mother can only eat less and more meals.

Therefore, at different stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should understand the diet and make appropriate adjustments. In the first three months of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers only need to eat 100 calories of nutritious food every day, and then eat 300-500 calories of nutritious food every day for the rest of pregnancy.

In fact, pregnant mothers don’t need to care too much about calories. Instead, they should eat more real food and consider adding two servings of protein and two servings of fruits and vegetables, which is healthier.

People often say that “one person eats two”, in fact, it is not scientific. Pregnancy does not mean that pregnant mothers eat double food and get twice as many calories. Pregnant mothers only need to increase calories by 15% a day, but iron, folic acid and omega-3 fatty acids need to increase by 50%.

I may tell you that you need to add 500 mg of omega-3, 25 grams of protein and 300-500 calories (second and third trimester) every day. It feels very abstract. In fact, the best food for pregnant mothers and fetuses should be:

· high nutritional content per unit, and more nutrition can be provided per calorie;

· can be full, but will not gain weight;

· rich nutrition for mother and baby;

· suitable for appetite during pregnancy and vomiting;

· good quality and taste;

· can enhance immunity;

· no harmful additives.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are recommended to eat more seafood, green vegetables, eggs, beans, nuts, olive oil, oatmeal, yogurt and other foods beneficial to pregnant women.

▍ regulating and nourishing the mind

Maybe many people will advise you, “don’t worry so much when you are pregnant, don’t have pressure, relax…”. Because the pregnant mother’s mentality will affect the health during pregnancy. If she can’t take good care of her mind, she will be very tired during pregnancy and easily affect the development of the fetus.

Scientific research shows that persistent bad emotions are very harmful to the developing brain of the fetus. Relevant brain scans show that some areas of the brain will brighten because of happy thoughts. These lit “happy centers” release happy hormones such as haemorrhagic albumin and dopamine, which are natural stress substances and antidepressants in the body. Therefore, pregnant mothers should try to get rid of bad thoughts and let themselves have a happy pregnancy.

· when you encounter some troubles, if things can’t be changed, don’t worry about it. What pregnant mothers have to do is to accept the facts and look forward to everything. Remember, you and your baby are not worth it.

· music can open the happiness center of the brain, release happiness hormones, let you temporarily forget those worrying things and relax.

· active exercise can stimulate the secretion of neurochemicals with sedative effect. It is not suitable for vigorous exercise during pregnancy, but you can take a walk, and your restless state can also be improved during exercise.

· laughter can balance your immune system and reduce excess stress hormones. During pregnancy, you might as well watch more comedies, smile more and smile from your heart. You will find that every day is a happy day.


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