Snow melts, everything revives, and it’s time to grow flowers. Full-time pregnant mothers have a new way to relax. Raising some flowers at home can not only improve the living environment, make the home a vibrant, but also edify the sentiment, stimulate the love of nature and the understanding of life. However, not all flowers are suitable for breeding. Pregnant mothers have flowers and flowers. Do you know which flowers are not suitable for pregnant women and what flowers are suitable for them? Let’s get together and get to know it.

Six kinds of flowers not suitable for pregnant women

1, prone to skin allergy flowers

Such plants as geranium, bauhinia, primrose, clove, plum, hydrangea, etc., can cause skin allergic symptoms. Especially in spring, the probability of pollen allergy will increase.

2. Flowers with peculiar smell

There are odor or odor flowers, such as Nanwu flavor, Ma Yingdan, Photinia and so on, such plants will make pregnant women appear discomfort, nausea symptoms.

3. Poisonous flowers

For example, oleander, containing highly toxic, contact or accidental intoxication will be poisoned, serious will also lead to miscarriage; Magnolia, if the skin touched the broken stems and leaves, will appear strong irritation; Mimosa, tulips can cause hair loss. Common toxic flowers such as Anthurium, red, poinsettia, Huang Dujuan and so on.

4, too gorgeous flowers

Such plants as poinsettia, pomegranate, if the flowers are too bright red, pregnant women will appear excited, dazzling, tired feeling, but also cause insomnia.

5, flowers with too much fragrance

Like nocturnal primrose, narcissus, perfume lily, rose, jasmine and so on, because the fragrance is very strong, pregnant women will be very uncomfortable smelling for a long time, so that pregnant women appear upset, nausea and vomiting, insomnia, loss of appetite and other adverse symptoms, the growth of the fetus is also unfavorable.

6. Cancer promoting plants

There are 52 kinds of plants that can promote cancer, such as altered leaves, Golden Fruit Olive, Malus, Osmanthus fragrans and so on, can induce nasopharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer.

Three kinds of flowers suitable for pregnant women

1, increase the room oxygen of flowers and plants

Generally speaking, the room is not suitable for growing flowers and plants, if you want to put plants in the room, keep some cactus (bulbs) plants, because the stomata on the fleshy stems of such plants will close during the day and open at night, so it will absorb carbon dioxide at the same time will release oxygen, for human health is more beneficial. But remind people not to touch the cactus with their hands to prevent them from being stabbed. In addition, the plants that release oxygen in the evening also include Cephalostachys sinensis, Aloe vera, Orchid saxifraga, keel, Phalaenopsis, Selaginella, etc. Although they are small in size, the release of oxygen is just right for the body to breathe.

2. It can absorb harmful gases and flowers.

This kind of plant includes violet jasmine, half branch lotus, Pendant orchid, aloe vera, tiger tail orchid, chrysanthemum, marigold, turtle back bamboo, ivy and so on. Because these flowers can remove indoor formaldehyde, benzene, chlorine, fluorine, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases to the body. Especially the plants such as Celastrus sinensis, Cymbidium cuspidatum and Aloe vera can absorb about 80% of the harmful gases in the room, especially the ability to absorb formaldehyde is very strong.

3. Flowers that inhibit bacterial propagation.

Such plants include carnation, lily, violet, lemon, rose and other flower plants, because this kind of flowers can inhibit the reproduction of pneumococcus, staphylococcus, diphtheria, tuberculosis bacillus, breeding indoors can play a germicidal effect on the air, can also prevent pregnant women from disease.

There are different ways to raise flowers and flowers in different environments.

1, bedroom is not suitable for flowers

Home flowers are best placed in the living room, study, balcony, bedroom generally do not grow flowers, this is because the room is small, poor air circulation, because these flowers will absorb oxygen at night, exhale carbon dioxide, so that the room oxygen content will decline, pregnant women and fetuses are not conducive.

2, bathroom suitable for maintenance

The bathroom is suitable for some plants that are shade tolerant and moist. On the wash table can also put some small ornamental ferns or cold water flowers, they can absorb the harmful substances released by ceramics, green Luo, Junzilan, green beans and other plants can improve the air quality of the toilet.

3, suitable kitchen flowers

In the kitchen, because of the large fumes, you can raise some plants with strong vitality, small size and can purify the air, such as cymbidium, green Luo, cactus, aloe vera can do.

Raising flowers can change the monotonous and boring life of pregnant mothers and make pregnant mothers happier. If you want to grow flowers better and more beautiful, pregnant mothers still need to spend some time researching them. For full-time pregnant mothers, instead of having nothing to do at home every day, it’s better to find something to do. Raising flowers is a good choice.


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