In many families, men need to bear the responsibility of supporting their families, and busy work is often the norm. Men struggle for their careers and shoulder the financial burden. It seems that they have no spare time and energy to take care of their pregnant wife. However, some would-be fathers, no matter how busy they are at work, can always find time to accompany and take care of their pregnant wife. Let’s have a look at how busy dad to be takes good care of mom to be!

▍ Part1: father to be who often works overtime

· prepare a love breakfast

Father to be is busy with work every day, and he will go home after work. Even if his mother to be has gone to bed, it doesn’t matter. He can get up early the next day and make a love breakfast for her. For example, a simple breakfast can show your care and love.

Even if it’s too late to make breakfast, wechat can send your love by asking her what to eat for lunch or ordering him a takeout in advance. Of course, you should pay attention to choose dishes with light taste and balanced nutrition when ordering takeout. Soup is better.

Night care

Maybe you are really busy with your work, and you are exhausted when you come home every day. But it is still possible to give simple care to expectant mothers before going to bed: for example, massage expectant mothers with backache and leg cramps; help expectant mothers turn over and help them get out of bed when they have a big stomach and are inconvenient to move; give them a good night kiss before going to bed Your every little action can reveal your love for her.

· take time to accompany her for prenatal examination

It’s not a matter for expectant mothers to be pregnant and have children. It’s a bit hard to say if you don’t accompany your wife to prenatal examination once during her pregnancy. No matter how busy you are, you can’t ignore your wife and children. Sometimes you can take a day off or take a leave to accompany your wife to the birth examination. This is a great comfort to your wife. Even if you can’t accompany every birth inspection, you can’t keep zero attendance! Some unconventional examinations often make expectant mothers nervous and anxious. If they are accompanied by their husbands, they will definitely feel more relaxed.

▍ Part 2: Dad to be who often travels

Prepare the goods in advance

If you can’t stay with your wife for 10 days and a half a month on a business trip, make some preparations before you go on a business trip, such as replenishing the food in the refrigerator and preparing daily necessities. Pregnant women can’t carry heavy things. Even if the market or supermarket is not far from home, it’s very inconvenient to carry large and small bags home. The father to be prepares the goods in advance, which can help the mother to be reduce the burden.

· wechat or telephone greeting

I can’t take care of my mother to be when I’m on a business trip for 10 days and a half months. Don’t forget my daily greetings. Take time to call or send wechat to your wife every day to inquire about her physical condition and chat with her. Don’t be stingy with your sweet words. This can ease her mood and make her feel at ease.

· prepare intimate gifts

If you have free time on a business trip, you might as well buy a gift for your wife or baby, which can also make the expectant mother smile. Gifts don’t have to be very expensive. At least let her know that even if you are away on business, you will always miss her and your baby. This can also let the wife feel your intimate and love.

As long as you have the heart, no matter how busy you are, you can always squeeze out some time, even if you accompany your wife to go to the pregnant women’s school to learn the knowledge of childbirth; carry out prenatal education with your wife; go shopping together to buy baby products, etc., which can move her to the point of no need. Come on, try to be a close father to be!


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