After pregnancy, the pregnant mother and even the whole family will become cautious, and even some of them are highly nervous.

Some of the so-called “taboos for pregnant women” and “precautions for pregnant women” are just like dogmas, which make pregnant mothers not know what to do. Early pregnancy is the key period of fetal development, so it is more beneficial for the pregnant mother to relax. Today, let’s talk about the rumors you may encounter in the early pregnancy to help you have a good mood to deal with the pregnancy.

Rumor one: it’s a drug with three poisons, but folic acid is useless?

Some people are worried about the harm of lack of folic acid, others say that folic acid can cause fetal arrest, which is not good for fetal development.

Folic acid is an essential vitamin for human body, also known as vitamin B9. It is an essential substance for embryonic neural tube development during pregnancy. Whether it is pregnancy or pregnancy, whether it is early or late pregnancy, folic acid should be supplemented. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have time to eat when preparing for pregnancy. Supplement in early pregnancy.

The first three months of pregnancy is the critical period for the differentiation of fetal organ system and the formation of placenta. At this time, the lack of folic acid can lead to fetal malformations and neural tube defects, thus increasing the incidence of anencephalia and spina bifida.

Therefore, for pregnant women, it is necessary to supplement folic acid. It is recommended to take 0.4mg folic acid orally every day.

In addition, folic acid is to help eugenics, why do some people say it will lead to abortion? It’s hard to understand such a mysterious question!

There are many reasons for the termination of pregnancy in early pregnancy. Survival of the fittest and natural selection are the biggest factors. In addition, there are chromosome problems, immune problems and endocrine problems. Among so many reasons, there is no folic acid option! Folic acid supplementation, on the contrary, can reduce the risk of abortion.

Rumor 2: three months before pregnancy can not be said, said to abortion?

The older generation said that the first 3 months of pregnancy can not be said, said after the fetal God will take the baby!

In fact, it is not recommended to talk about early pregnancy everywhere, because the first three months are the sensitive period of the fetus, the fetus is not stable, once there is an accident, it will be a happy empty. Therefore, many people will choose to announce the good news when the fetus is stable after three months of pregnancy.

However, family members and good friends can report good news. For the leaders of the company, it is also good to give special care.

Rumor 3: after pregnancy eat cold, cold food abortion?

Just said that there are many reasons leading to abortion, such as abnormal embryo chromosome, abnormal embryo development, basic diseases of pregnant women, etc.

“Cold food” is not the culprit!

The reason why we can’t eat cold food is that pregnant women are allergic to certain food, or the food itself deteriorates or has parasites. After eating, they are prone to allergic reaction or acute gastroenteritis, which causes uterine contraction and leads to abortion.

Pregnant mother as long as reasonable arrangement of their own diet, to ensure balanced nutrition, appropriate and health can be.

Rumor 4: can’t children take emergency contraceptives?

Emergency contraceptives contain a large dose of progesterone, it is time for contraceptive remedies, usually the success rate of 80% – 90%.

If there is no contraceptive failure, there is no need to give up the pregnancy for fear of fetal malformations or other problems. At present, the relevant studies show that there is no significant difference between the fetus with unexpected pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives and the ordinary fetus.

What you need to do is to go to the hospital for systematic examination. If you don’t want the baby or the mother’s health and fetal development are abnormal, you can end the pregnancy. If the mother and fetus are normal, and you want a baby, you can continue pregnancy.

Rumor 5: early pregnancy to do X-ray examination, the child can not want?

The first thing to be clear is that ionizing radiation will affect fetal health.

During pregnancy, not all the examinations are ionizing radiation. For example, B ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance have no ionizing radiation; X-ray examination, CT examination and SPECT imaging examination are ionizing radiation.

So, in the case of pregnancy did not know received X-ray examination, CT examination, the fetus will not be deformed or abortion? This should also consider the measurement of exposure! If it is a single dose, the dose is not large, which is far from the dose of malformation and abortion, so it is not necessary to terminate the pregnancy because of worry.


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