When the cold air comes, how envious the pregnant mothers in the south are of the northerners. There is heating in the north, the room is warm and comfortable, but there is no heating in the south, and the temperature is shivering with cold. If you want to live a good life in the winter when the cold air comes from time to time, what can you do without some wonderful ways of heating? However, there are still some things to pay attention to when Southern pregnant mothers are heating in winter.

Don’t face the heater for a long time

In the south, who does not have one or two electric heaters, oil tins, small suns, heaters and so on, as long as you plug in electricity, you can bring warmth. There are many kinds of heaters on the market. Here, I advise pregnant mothers not to be greedy and cheap, but to buy products with large brand quality assurance.

Before using the electric heater, carefully check to ensure safety, regularly wipe the mesh and heating rod with dry cloth, remove the dust and dirt above, in order to avoid the indoor inhalable particulate matter concentration rise.

In addition, when using the heater, the pregnant mother should not be too close to it or face it for a long time. Otherwise, prolonged local heating will affect the respiratory system of pregnant mothers and the baby. Turn on the electric heater to warm up, you might as well drink more warm water, make-up water will not feel too dry.

Turn off the power supply before sleeping on the electric blanket

At night, the temperature is lower, and you have to warm your bed through your body. Ah, I think it’s even colder. So many families have electric blankets, but we often see safety accidents caused by electric blankets, people love and hate electric blankets!

When the stomach is bigger, the left side of the lying position of the pregnant mother sleeps more comfortably. When using electric blanket, the abdomen will contact the mattress directly. The temperature of the mattress is higher than that of the pregnant mother, which makes the abdomen temperature rise and causes the change of the fetal growth environment, which will be unfavorable to the fetus.

Are pregnant women sleeping next to the cold and carrying the cold? How can we sleep? What can we do? If you want to use an electric blanket, wait for the blanket to heat up the quilt, turn off the power supply and sleep again, which is also for safety reasons. When it was too hot at first, the pregnant mother put her feet into the bed to warm up, and then went to sleep when the temperature was right.

Electric blanket is a big safety hazard, not recommended for long-term use, pregnant mothers can also use hot water bags to warm up, put hot water bags in the bedclothes to warm up for a while before sleeping, when the temperature of hot water bags is lower, it can be placed under the feet, but also allow pregnant mothers to sleep all night. Don’t sleep with a hot water bag, remember that your abdomen can’t get hot.

It’s better not to warm the baby.

“Warm baby” is also called Warm Tie, as a winter warming artifact, it is loved by everyone. When using warm baby, remove the outer bag and let the inner bag (non-woven bag) stick to the bottom clothing. Oxygen in the air enters through the permeable film. The time and temperature of heat release are controlled by the rate of oxygen permeation through the permeable membrane. If the oxygen permeation is too fast, the heat will be released immediately, and the skin may be scalded. If oxygen permeation is too slow, there will be no temperature.

Warm baby close to the body, local fever, long-term contact is also easy to form burning skin erythema. If it’s close to the abdomen, it’s even more dangerous. Especially in early pregnancy, abdominal overheating increases the possibility of fetal malformation and abortion. Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers use warm babies for heating.

Attention should be paid to humidification when switching on air conditioning

Air conditioning can refrigerate in summer and warm in winter. I just want to say “I can’t love you enough” to air conditioning. Compared with other heaters, air conditioning can warm up the whole space and make people feel more comfortable. However, in winter dry, long time air conditioning, air will become drier, need to cooperate with the humidifier, and ensure frequent window ventilation. Turn on air conditioning to control the temperature, not too high, about 25 degrees Celsius is appropriate.

In addition, long-term air-conditioning is not recommended, because pregnant mothers stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, just like flowers in greenhouses, their resistance will weaken, and once they leave the shelter of greenhouses, they will easily catch cold.


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