Speaking of pregnancy symptoms, do you think of those nervous women in TV dramas, but others found out that they were pregnant first. Of course, the reason why others can find it is also based on the fact that “vomiting” is often played in TV dramas. Don’t think this move is bad. In reality, many women find that they are pregnant through this move. However, in addition to this move, there are other moves that can also know that you may be pregnant!

Pregnancy symptom 1: menstruation does not arrive as promised

For women with regular menstrual cycle, if menstruation doesn’t come as scheduled when it’s due, it’s probably because you’re pregnant. Of course, it is not certain that you will be pregnant without menstruation. Changes in other factors such as diet, work and rest, mood, etc. will cause temporary menstrual disorder and delay menstruation.

Menstrual cessation is the most obvious sign of pregnancy. Generally, for women of childbearing age, if they have sexual intercourse during ovulation and their menstruation is delayed for about a week without any obvious inducement, they are likely to be pregnant. At this time, they can use the early pregnancy test paper to test their pregnancy. If they can’t be measured, they can be measured again in a few days. However, if menstruation is delayed for 2 weeks and the test paper can not detect pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for corresponding examination.

Pregnancy symptom 2: often feel nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting in the morning are common symptoms in many women at the beginning of pregnancy. This symptom appears about one month after conception. Of course, this is not true for all women. Some pregnant mothers throw up at different times in the morning, middle and late, some pregnant mothers throw up earlier, and some pregnant mothers don’t throw up from beginning to end… The symptoms of nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy vary from person to person.

However, if you get up one morning and puke inexplicably after doing something that will make you pregnant, and find that your menstruation is also delayed, you are really likely to be pregnant. Although it is uncomfortable, most women only vomit in the early stage of pregnancy. After surviving the early stage of pregnancy, they no longer vomit.

Pregnant vomiting in the early stage of pregnancy, try to eat less greasy fried food, and you can also eat some soda cakes to alleviate symptoms. Pregnancy and vomiting generally do not need treatment. If pregnancy and vomiting is particularly serious, you need to see a doctor to stop vomiting, so as not to endanger the health of the fetus.

Pregnancy symptom 3: frequent urination

After pregnancy, the amount of blood and other fluids in the pregnant mother’s body increases, resulting in more fluids discharged into the bladder after kidney treatment and become urine, and the swollen uterus will compress the bladder. Therefore, we often notice that pregnant mothers need to go to the bathroom frequently.

Pregnant mothers may begin to urinate frequently at 6 weeks of pregnancy. With the increase of the fetus, the bladder is more compressed, and the phenomenon of urination frequency will continue and even become more serious. What should I do? Accept it, get used to it!

In the early stage of pregnancy, many women have frequent urination, which is a natural phenomenon. There is no need to worry or treat. Although it’s annoying to run to the toilet frequently, which pregnant woman doesn’t come like this, don’t care too much, and don’t deliberately drink less water because you’re tired of going to the toilet. As long as the baby is healthy, why not go to the bathroom a few more times?

Pregnancy symptom 4: easy to feel tired

In the past, I didn’t feel tired after shopping all day. Now I can’t walk for half a day; It used to be normal to stay up late to catch up with dramas. Now I fall asleep before I finish watching an episode; In the past, I never needed a nap at work. Now if I don’t sleep at noon, I will collapse in the afternoon. Why is physical strength so poor?

In the early stage of pregnancy, many women will be prone to fatigue, sleepiness and fatigue. If you are the same, and your menstruation is delayed for a week, buy an early pregnancy test paper to see if you are pregnant!

If you are pregnant, you need to pay more attention to rest, work and rest regularly and ensure adequate sleep, which is what every pregnant woman should do well.

Many women will have these symptoms after pregnancy, but if you want to determine pregnancy, you need to pass a urine test or blood test. You can’t draw a conclusion based on the above symptoms alone!


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