During pregnancy, pregnant women have to face many problems. Even if it’s very simple before pregnancy, it will become a big challenge during pregnancy. For example, in the past, I used to sleep as much as I liked, but after pregnancy, with the increase of gestational weeks, I always feel uncomfortable sleeping. Some pregnant mothers even didn’t get a good sleep during the whole pregnancy. How can I get a good sleep? How much do you know about correct sleeping posture, good sleeping environment and small ways to improve the sleep quality of pregnant women?

The sleeping position of pregnant women is PK, and the left position is the most suitable

[pregnant mother’s distress]: I used to lie on my back before pregnancy. Now I’m pregnant. I heard that pregnant women are not suitable for sleeping on their back. But lateral sleep is not used to, whether it is the left side or the right side of the bed feel uncomfortable, sleep will unconsciously recover supine. What is the effect of various sleeping positions? Which sleeping position is good?

Supine ×
Supine position can make the pregnant mother close to the bed and relax her body, but in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, she can’t sleep like this when she has a big stomach. When lying on the back, the enlarged uterus will press on the aorta behind the uterus, reducing the blood supply of the uterus and affecting the development of the fetus. Supine is also not conducive to the timely excretion of sodium and other toxic substances in pregnant women. In addition, the supine position will aggravate the edema of the pregnant mother’s lower limbs, making the pregnant mother prone to chest tightness, dizziness, blood pressure drop and other symptoms, thus affecting the health of the fetus.

Right lateral decubitus ×
In pregnant women, the right side is less harmful than supine. However, right lateral decubitus may aggravate the degree of right rotation of the uterus, and may also affect the blood supply of the fetus, resulting in chronic ischemia and hypoxia of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant mother or try to use the right side sleeping position.

Sleep on your stomach ×
I often see some pregnant mothers lying on the table during lunch break. In fact, this sleeping position will pose a threat to the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Prone sleep will affect respiratory function, not conducive to oxygen inhalation and carbon dioxide emissions. When normal people lie down to sleep, they will feel that their breathing is not smooth, and their hands and feet are easily numb. Prone to sleep may also pressure on the fetus, so that fetal hypoxia, but also easy to aggravate the swelling of the pregnant mother’s lower limbs.

Left recumbent √

Most people’s heart is on the left side, and it’s better to sleep on the right side, which can reduce the pressure on the heart. But for pregnant women, on the contrary, with the increase of gestational age, the uterus continues to grow, the adjacent tissues and organs are squeezed, and the uterus rotates to the right in varying degrees, so that the ligament and mesangium protecting the uterus are in a tense state, and the blood vessels in the mesangium that provide nutrition for the uterus will also be pulled, affecting the oxygen supply of the fetus and causing chronic hypoxia of the fetus.

The left lying position of pregnant women can reduce the right rotation of the uterus and relieve the lack of blood supply to the uterus, which is more beneficial to the fetus and pregnant women.

Create a good sleeping environment for pregnant mothers

1. The indoor temperature should be appropriate

It’s a hot summer, whether indoor or outdoor, the temperature is very high, so it’s necessary to turn on the air conditioner to sleep. Generally speaking, it is more suitable to adjust the air conditioning temperature to 26-28 degrees. Although pregnant mother is afraid of heat, she can’t be greedy for cool.

2. The light in the bedroom should be appropriate

The light of bedroom is too bright, can stimulate an eye, make a person not easy to fall asleep; And the light is too dark, it is not convenient for the pregnant mother who often gets up at night, and it is easy to produce nervous mood. Suitable bedroom light, you can according to their own needs, through the curtain to control.

3. Often dry the quilt

Pregnant mother’s body temperature is higher, when sleeping, she will excrete some sweat, and the quilt is easy to breed bacteria. When drying quilts, the ultraviolet rays in the sun can kill the bacteria in the quilts and reduce the invasion of bacteria on the human body. The quilt will be slightly fluffy after being exposed to the sun, and it can also smell the “smell of the sun”, which will make people feel more comfortable.

Small methods to improve the sleep quality of pregnant women

1. Drink less water 3 hours before going to bed to avoid frequent going to the toilet at night.

2. Before going to bed, you can do some relaxing exercises, listen to music and relax to help you fall asleep.

3. Massage foot muscles before going to bed to avoid foot cramps during sleep; The legs can be raised properly to avoid edema or varicose veins; Try to keep the lower limbs warm, more conducive to sleep.

4. Make up for sleep in the daytime and take a nap in your spare time.

A good sleep during pregnancy is beneficial to both the pregnant mother and the baby, but if you don’t sleep well for a long time, not only the pregnant woman’s mental state is poor, but also the growth and development of the fetus may be affected, and the pregnant mother may also have a series of discomfort symptoms. Therefore, sleep of pregnant women is very important for the health of mother and baby.


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