A big belly is an important sign of a pregnant mother. Many pregnant mothers begin to have a slight bulge in the third month of pregnancy, and only in the fourth month of pregnancy will they appear to be pregnant. There is a saying among the people that “four are not hidden, five are not hidden”. That is to say, the pregnant mother’s stomach can still be hidden when she is 4 months pregnant. When she is about 5 months pregnant, it will swell up and cannot be hidden.

During the labor examination, a pregnant mother found that she was pregnant in the same month as others, but her stomach was very small and there was no sign of pregnancy. Less pregnant mothers don’t like to be asked, “how many months are you pregnant now?” Such problems. Because of the worry that others will question whether the pregnant mother is pregnant because of insufficient absorption of nutrients, the growth and development of fetal treasure are affected, and the pregnant mother will become anxious because she is not pregnant.

It is said that the obvious pregnancy means that with the development and growth of the fetus, the uterus gradually becomes larger and pops out of the pelvic cavity, into the abdominal cavity, and the pregnant mother’s stomach is obviously bulging. However, the time and degree of pregnancy do not represent the development of the fetus, and pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much. The condition of each pregnant mother’s pregnancy is not the same, depending on many reasons.

1. Multiple births

For mothers with multiple births, their stomachs are really the same as balloons, and the time to show their feelings is very early and fast. Therefore, compared with multiple birth mothers, single birth mothers have a late pregnancy, which is not very obvious.

2. Amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid can protect the fetus, slow down the impact of external forces on the fetus, and participate in the metabolism of the fetus. Generally speaking, pregnant mothers with more amniotic fluid are more likely to be pregnant, but as long as amniotic fluid is within the normal range, fetal health can be guaranteed. Whether it is early or late in pregnancy, the pregnant mother should have a regular delivery test to know whether amniotic fluid is in the normal range in time to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus.

3. Influence of pelvis size

Some pregnant women’s pelvis is naturally wide, which can provide enough development space for the fetus, so it doesn’t look particularly pregnant. However, some pregnant mothers have small pelvis, which can not meet the needs of the development of the fetus, so they are protruding outwards and obviously pregnant.

4. Reasons for pregnant mother’s body shape

Some pregnant mothers are tall and big, slightly fat, and have enough space for baby development. However, there is not a big difference in the weight of the baby at the same month of age in the early pregnancy, so compared with the smaller pregnant mothers, the tall and big pregnant mothers are less pregnant.

Of course, there are also pregnant mothers who are thin, who don’t show signs of gaining weight when they are pregnant, and their stomachs don’t look pregnant, so there is no change in their body shape.

5. The influence of anterior position of uterus

If the fertilized egg is implanted in the front wall of the uterus, the baby will develop near the abdomen of the mother, which will lead to the time of the abdomen bulge of the pregnant mother earlier and more obvious. If it is in the back wall of the uterus, the pregnant mother will be pregnant later.

6. Human error in calculation

Some pregnant mothers of “big headed shrimp” may have mistaken their gestational weeks, for example, they think that they have been pregnant for 4 months after 3 months, but they don’t think that they are pregnant when they arrive.

Pregnant mothers don’t need to worry too much about whether or not they are pregnant or how long they are pregnant. Pregnant mother regular birth inspection, all indicators in the normal range can be reassured.


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