Many women become frightened of the cold in the early stages of pregnancy. Tomorrow they will not be cold, but they will feel very cold in a lot of clothes. Is this normal? How to keep warm for fear of cold?

1. Reasons for Cold Fear in Early Pregnancy

1. Beginning development of fetal pelvis

In the first three months of pregnancy, the placenta in the abdomen is still in the initial stage of development, because all parts of the body are preparing for the development of the fetus, which will keep the temperature of pregnant women at a higher level, so pregnant women will generally be cold-frightened. After the first trimester of pregnancy, the placenta develops and the pregnant woman’s body temperature tends to be normal, so the fear of cold can be alleviated.

2. Pregnant women have poor physical fitness

If the pregnant woman’s own constitution is poor, or the nutrition during pregnancy does not keep up, such as carbohydrate, fat, protein intake is insufficient, leading to the physical weakness of pregnant women afraid of cold.

3. Hypothyroidism

If pregnant women suffer from psychological and physiological stress, it will affect their endocrine system abnormalities, such as hypothyroidism. So pregnant women in the early pregnancy do not give themselves too much pressure, during pregnancy preparation or early pregnancy to the hospital to check thyroid function, can prevent hypothyroidism damage to the baby.

2. Pregnant women should keep warm for fear of cold

1. Pay attention to nutritional balance

Dietary supplement is an excellent way to alleviate the symptoms of cold fear in early pregnancy. It can eat more iron-containing food such as beef and mutton, calcium-containing food such as milk, soybean products, shrimp skin, vitamin-containing food such as pumpkin, fresh vegetables and fruits, iodine-containing food such as kelp and laver, so that the body can absorb balanced nutrition, keep warm and healthy.

2. Proper adjustment of room temperature

The body temperature of pregnant women is slightly higher than that of ordinary people, but they are also afraid of cold. Whether in summer or winter, attention should be paid to adjusting the room temperature, air conditioning can not be too cold. In summer, pregnant women can not directly cool in front of air conditioning or fans; in winter, pregnant women are advised to turn on the heating and adjust the indoor temperature to the appropriate room temperature to keep comfortable.

3. Wear thermal underwear

Cotton-padded clothes and overcoats are indispensable in winter, but for pregnant women with large abdomen and inconvenience in movement, cotton-padded clothes and overcoats can keep warm but restrict their activities. So pregnant women can choose appropriate thermal underwear according to the weather conditions and their physique, especially in winter, besides wearing loose thermal underwear, they also need to wear loose sweater, even windbreaker, to fully resist the cold attack. Pregnant women who are still in the early stages of pregnancy are advised to wear warm underwear, although they do not have this problem for the time being.

4. Wear warm shoes

One of the symptoms of pregnant women’s fear of cold is cold hands and feet, because most of the blood of pregnant women is concentrated in the uterus, blood flow of limbs is slightly insufficient, especially in the feet. Once the feet feel cold, wearing more clothes will shiver.

Therefore, pregnant mothers who like to bare their ankles and legs before pregnancy should change this habit and pay attention to foot warmth. The simplest and most direct way is to wear warm cotton slippers that can wrap the heels, or directly wear warm slippers after wearing cotton socks.

It is normal for pregnant women to be afraid of cold in early pregnancy. Pregnant women should not worry too much and pay attention to daily warming work. When winter comes, more attention should be paid to adding and reducing clothes in time to keep the body comfortable and the healthy growth of the fetus in the abdomen.


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