Pregnant Mommy can encounter a lot of bad things during pregnancy. It’s even worse when she gets sick accidentally. Pregnant Mommy asked: what should I do if I suffer from urticaria during pregnancy?

Some people say that urticaria doesn’t have to worry, it will heal itself; Others say urticaria may cause fetal malformations. Opinions vary, whether pregnant women suffering from urticaria has an impact on the fetus?

   ▶ What is urticaria?

Urticaria, commonly known as rubella mass, is a localized edema reaction due to the expansion of small blood vessels and increased permeability of skin and mucosa. Generally speaking, urticaria is caused by allergic substances, which can be divided into acute urticaria and chronic urticaria.

Acute urticaria has an acute onset, which is characterized by pruritus and wind masses of different sizes. The wind masses will fuse with each other and cause large skin lesions, or spread like a map. Skin lesions usually subside within a few hours, but it is easy to repeat and cause new skin lesions. In severe cases, it will lead to dyspnea or even suffocation.

The onset of chronic urticaria is slow. Most of them are only skin rash with pruritus. The symptoms are relatively mild and generally will not affect the health of the fetus.

Some data show that urticaria in the first three months of pregnancy may lead to congenital heart disease or dysplasia. However, if the fetus is fully developed in the third trimester, the pregnant mother suffering from urticaria has little effect on the fetus.

   ▶ Can urticaria heal itself?

Pregnant mothers should not take medicine during pregnancy, so some people say that they can ignore and recover from urticaria. Not necessarily.

Urticaria has mild symptoms and can heal itself. However, if it is acute urticaria, the symptoms are serious and repeated, and it can not heal itself.

   ▶ How should urticaria recuperate?

Pregnant mothers suffering from urticaria should not use drugs indiscriminately, so they need to pay attention to conditioning in their daily life.

1. Find out the cause and stay away from it

The truth of applying the right medicine to the case works everywhere. Urticaria is mostly caused by allergy. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the allergen first. If it is in the season of catkins and flying catkins, pregnant mothers with allergic constitution are prone to urticaria. After determining the cause, we need to pay attention to stay away from allergens and avoid repeated illness.

2. Pay attention to skin care

Itching is one of the manifestations of urticaria, but the more you scratch, the more itchy, and even cause extensive skin damage. If itchy, you can smear it with olive oil.

Little reminder: hot compress or cold compress is not recommended for daily skin itching.

3. Pay attention to dietary taboos

Illness often comes from the mouth. Pregnant mothers, as a special group, need to pay attention to a balanced diet. They need to be careful when suffering from urticaria. They can’t eat seafood, beef, mutton and other hair or spicy raw and cold food, so as not to aggravate itching or other symptoms.

4. Do not use drugs indiscriminately

Mild urticaria generally does not need medication, so you can pay more attention to it every day. However, if you have acute urticaria and are in the first three months of pregnancy, you need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not casually believe in local prescriptions or use drugs indiscriminately, so as not to increase the risk of fetal malformation.

5. Pay attention to proper exercise

Urticaria is easy to relapse. If you want to stay away from urticaria recurrence, the key is to improve human immunity. Exercise on weekdays is essential. Pregnant mothers should not do too intense exercise during pregnancy, but appropriate yoga, walking, jogging and so on must be done.


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