Many colleagues do not like to work with pregnant women, because pregnancy easily delays work and affects everyone’s progress. There are also many women who are pregnant because of work delays, or have to suspend work, or have to make other decisions. What can we do to make working mothers work and get pregnant? Next, I’ll teach you four ways to learn!

First trick: preemptive, early pregnancy greeting

Many women in the workplace always cover up after they are pregnant, fearing that the fact of pregnancy will affect their promotion and salary increase. Even if the work pressure is great, it is hard to keep it up until it is impossible to hide it.

Women with this mentality are understandable. But what do you think is more important than babies and jobs? When work pressure is high, concealing pregnancy is not good for the baby. In addition, concealment can only be temporary, the belly is too big to conceal. Instead of letting leaders and colleagues feel that you are not open-minded, it is better to inform them when you are pregnant that they may be able to get their understanding and help in their work and life.

Second trick: Take up the legal weapon, and defend the right.

Some women conceal pregnancy because they fear that their employer will be fired if they know they are pregnant. That’s true. My sister has had that experience. My sister works in a shoe store because she knows that once the boss knows he’s pregnant, he can’t stay in the shop and work any longer. So my sister concealed the pregnancy. Around five months later, with a bulging stomach, the boss knew that her sister was pregnant. There was no doubt about it. The next day, her sister was fired.

Generally speaking, regular companies will not do such illegal things, but some small companies do not consciously abide by laws and regulations, and willfulness to do so. When the legitimate rights and interests are infringed and negotiations fail, pregnant women in the workplace can use legal weapons to safeguard their rights and interests. It should be known that women workers may not be dismissed during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation. With legal weapons, is the pregnant mother more settled?

Third trick: Keep your image and be a hot mom in the workplace

Many women change from goddess to aunt when they are pregnant and work in a company without trimming. What do leaders and colleagues think of you? Working mothers should have the style of working women. How to maintain the pregnant mother’s professional image?

1. Attention to dress

Some pregnant mothers dress casually when they are pregnant, as loose and comfortable as possible. However, companies are very image-oriented, not because you are pregnant on the low image of the company points ah! Even if you can’t wear professional clothes, you can also buy several beautiful maternity clothes, which can not only wear pregnant taste, but also maintain your image.

2. Focus on sitting posture

Pregnancy is easy to get tired. Some pregnant mothers sit at their desks completely disregarding their image. Sometimes they take off their shoes and put them on their chairs. Although pregnant women are particularly able to understand such behavior. But the company will inevitably have outsiders to visit, or leaders to visit the office area, such sitting posture will leave a bad impression. If the pregnant mother is tired of sitting for a long time, she may as well stand up and walk, or go to the toilet, or go to the tea break for a moment, or put a pillow on the chair to make her waist and back comfortable.

Fourth Recruitment: Take leave and do a good job of handover

When you meet a pregnant colleague, what you fear most is that he has no sense of responsibility, relying on himself as a pregnant woman, fishing for three days and drying nets for two days, often taking leave when you are pregnant and not paying attention to handing over your work, which makes the person who takes over the work not depressed?

Pregnant mothers need to know that if you don’t do a good job, it will affect others and even cause losses to the company. If there are any difficulties, we should explain to the leaders and let them adjust appropriately so as to avoid delaying the progress and quality of work.

Pregnant mothers should have a sense of responsibility in their work. If they need to take leave for maternity examination or maternity leave, they should also arrange their work well in advance and make a good handover, so as not to cause losses to the company. In this way, you will be warmly welcomed when you come back from maternity leave.


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