Question of expectant mothers: Is cesarean section less traumatic?

If you were born by yourself, you might have a vaginal tear. Now that medicine is so developed, the incision left by cesarean section is very small.

The doctor answered:

This is not entirely true. At present, from the aesthetic point of view, most cesarean section adopt transverse incision on pubic bone, intradermal suture, scar is very small, and scar is often covered by physiological folds or pubic hair, it is difficult to be found. Many people mistakenly believe that the scar on the epidermis is very small and the damage in the body is very small, but it is not so. The operation is carried out layer by layer. For example, cesarean section with transverse incision, the surface incision is about 12 centimeters long, while the subcutaneous separation surface is 12X12 centimeters in size, or even larger. There is also a 10 centimeter incision on the uterus.

In normal delivery, there are only slight lacerations, but at most there are large incisions in the perineum. Because the incision is shallow and the local blood is abundant, it is easy to heal and the wound is smaller.

Question of expectant mothers: Cesarean section can maintain body shape, vagina will not relax?

Friends said that caesarean section can maintain body shape, the most important thing is that the vagina will not relax, which is very important.

The doctor answered:

This statement is totally wrong. Many people think that cesarean section can keep fit, but it is not. Pregnancy and childbirth process will not change women’s skeletal morphology and structure, the human skeletal framework will not change because of pregnancy. Because the spontaneous delivery can be carried out early activities and the corresponding restorative exercise, but after cesarean section due to the existence of abdominal incision, maternal activity is late, some of the corresponding restorative training also lags behind, so it is not easy to lose weight early. Weight gain due to increased body water during pregnancy will automatically decrease with sweating and urine excretion in both cesarean and spontaneous births, which is not related to the mode of delivery.

Some mothers worry that vaginal relaxation after natural childbirth will affect their future sexual life. In fact, due to the role of progesterone during pregnancy, the elasticity of vaginal mucosa and muscle fibers increased significantly, which prepared for fetal delivery and dilatation of the birth canal. After delivery, hormone levels gradually returned to normal, vaginal mucosa and muscle layer also gradually returned to normal tension. Postpartum anal movement can also promote the recovery of vaginal tension, which will not affect the satisfaction of sexual life.

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