Decryption of labor pain

“Pain, pain, pain, my mind is full of this word. The thought of childbirth makes me nervous and afraid” “seeing my sister’s scene of giving birth to a child, although I was mentally prepared, I was still startled. Can I persist until the baby comes out?” When it comes to childbirth, expectant mothers say, “pain” is their lingering impression of childbirth. How can the baby be born smoothly without pain? Mummies are full of expectations. In fact, if they break the password of pain, they can drive away the pain.

   Studies have shown that the main factors causing labor pain are: regular contraction of the uterus, elongation or tearing of uterine muscle fibers, resulting in severe pain; When the fetus passes through the birth canal, it oppresses the birth canal, especially the injury and traction of the lower segment of the uterus and cervix; In addition, there is maternal psychological tension. Due to the lack of childbirth experience and the exaggeration of childbirth pain by various information, pregnant women are full of fear of childbirth, causing muscle tension, aggravating uterine contraction and prolonging time, aggravating the sense of pain. Labor pain will not only make pregnant women sweat, nausea and vomiting, prolong the labor process, but also sometimes affect the normal delivery of the baby, and even asphyxia.

Knowing where the “pain” comes from, it is not so difficult to deal with the pain. Some people say that it’s not simple. Cesarean section is easy, short time and less pain. But is cesarean section really so simple and convenient? Compared with natural birth, cesarean section has more maternal bleeding, slow recovery and many adverse effects on the baby, which have not been arbitrarily selected by rational expectant mothers. More intelligent expectant mothers have turned their attention to “painless delivery”, that is, the “analgesic delivery” referred to in medicine, and smoothly gave birth to the baby without pain, This is good for the mother herself and the baby. The six “analgesia” tactics of the professional women’s and children’s Hospital help and support expectant mothers step by step to solve the labor pain and calmly deal with the labor from the aspects of psychology, spirit and physiology.

The first recruit private partner to practice prenatal delivery rehearsal

As the first step to reduce labor pain, expectant mothers need to have a detailed and complete understanding of the labor process and related knowledge, which will be professionally guided and explained by experts in the “pregnant women’s school” of the women’s and infant hospital. Some hospitals also set up a complete preview of the waiting for delivery and delivery process for pregnant women. The whole process includes all links from the beginning of labor symptoms, reception, simulated delivery and so on. This method makes pregnant women familiar with the process of labor and the environment and facilities of the hospital, has good psychological cognition, eliminates fear and gives birth easily.

The second trick is warm water bath labor analgesia

Understanding the delivery process is only the first step to solve the delivery pain. Before entering the delivery room, take a warm water bath. With the help of the buoyancy of warm water, counteract the gravity, it can well promote the expansion of the cervical orifice, help to accept the strong surging force in the body, relieve the tension of pregnant women, effectively reduce the labor pain, shorten the labor process and promote smooth delivery.

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