8 delivery methods, fast and fast

There are always warm-hearted moms telling you about their “horrible” childbirth experience when you are about to give birth. At this time, you’d better close your ears and refuse those terrible stories. In fact, obstetricians today can make your delivery fast and easy.

Keep the baby in a normal position in the womb

Before normal childbirth, the baby’s position in the womb should be head down, facing the mother and leaning slightly to the left. This position is most likely to lower the baby to the birth canal. But some babies do not, the way to correct the bad fetal position or guide the good fetal position can be to sit on the chair, let the upper body lie on the back of the chair, or hands and feet on the ground, in a climbing posture, keep it for 20-30 minutes every day, should practice in a comfortable place, and do not make efforts to the waist. The best time to sleep in the third trimester is to lie on the left side.

Learn how to breathe

The right breathing method can speed up the delivery process. It sounds very simple, but it works very well. The right breathing method can make the uterus get enough oxygen and make the uterine contraction more effective. Breathing during childbirth is different from the automatic breathing you don’t feel every day. You need to practice how to expand your chest. During the third trimester, you need to practice like this almost every day. Take delivery training courses organized by the hospital or community family planning committee, and then ask your husband to cooperate with your daily practice.

Stand up and walk more

Obstetricians found that: activities and upright posture, such as standing, kneeling, end sitting, etc., have an accelerating effect on childbirth. More activities can promote circulation, let more blood flow to the uterus, and promote uterine contraction. Because of the effect of gravity, the fetus produces greater pressure on the cervix, which accelerates the expansion of the cervix and makes the contraction more powerful. Most upright postures expand the pelvis even more.


If you are nervous, you will automatically hold your breath to block the oxygen supply to the uterus, increase pain and reduce the efficiency of uterine contraction. If you’re afraid, your body also secretes adrenaline, which delays childbirth. So relaxation is very important to relieve pain and speed up the delivery process. Relaxation methods include breathing method, relaxation method, imagination method, etc. if the environment at home makes you relax, you should stay at home as much as possible after the start of delivery. In the late pregnancy, you should ask your obstetrician about the process and precautions during delivery, and strive to go to the hospital at the critical moment of delivery, so as to avoid the tension caused by early admission.

Choose the best environment for you

The environment has a great influence on delivery. Only relaxation can make delivery smoothly. Once you decide to go to the hospital to give birth, you should visit several hospitals during pregnancy, talk with the doctor, understand the environment there, and choose a hospital you like, which you think is the safest and most attentive to give birth to the baby.

Make a detailed delivery plan

In western countries, most women make a delivery plan, which includes how to use analgesia and whether to bathe the baby before the first hug. At the 36th week of pregnancy, make a plan to prevent early delivery. Even if you don’t write it down, think about the delivery process in advance and discuss it with your obstetrician in advance. This will be helpful for delivery. Even if you make a plan, you should be prepared to change the plan at any time according to the situation. The most important thing is to ensure the safety of your baby.

Choose the right delivery companion

Medical research shows that if an expectant mother has an experienced caregiver and company she knows, she will feel relaxed and safe. Your wife is better to actively participate in the delivery training class and read some related articles. During the delivery process, many hospitals allow her to accompany her. There are also many pregnant women who choose to be accompanied by their parents and sisters or childbirth guides. Generally speaking, the accompanying people should have rich knowledge of childbirth.

Preparing a healthy body for childbirth

Studies in the United States show that women who exercise during pregnancy give birth more smoothly. The process is relatively short. Exercise during pregnancy can improve the mother’s immunity and strengthen her muscles. In the middle of pregnancy, foreign experts suggest that pregnant women practice yoga, stretch their joints when doing yoga, and make you familiar with the position of delivery. At the same time, yoga teaches you to have confidence in your body and helps you concentrate. Please note that you must let your yoga teacher know that you are pregnant, and other forms of exercise will also help, such as swimming, which will not make your muscles too tense. However, before you start any exercise, you should consult with your doctor.


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