Analysis: six key words of caesarean section

She had been hospitalized, and she had no choice. Because the baby’s umbilical cord around the neck for two weeks, the doctor had told her: “In hospital ahead of time, you can only have a caesarean section!” She has been in a state of anxiety — I heard that caesarean section needed skin preparation, blood matching, and need. What is this all about?

Keywords 1: blood matching is called cross matching test. During the prenatal examination, the doctor will identify the maternal blood type and do cross matching test before admission to the hospital for emergency blood transfusion in case of unexpected events during the operation. * if you have history of blood transfusion and pregnancy history, you must tell the doctor. * Inform the doctor of his own blood type. If he does not know the blood type, he should ask the doctor voluntarily after the operation and remember it. Key words 2: skin preparation for surgical removal of surgical area. This procedure is usually performed by ward nurses one day before surgery (except for emergency operations), ranging from below the sternum to 1/3 of the upper thighs. When preparing the skin, the nurse will apply soap on the upper part of the mother’s stomach and thighs, and then shave all the body hair. * conditionally, warm water after skin preparation to reduce dirt on the skin. Keywords 3: urethral catheterization

The method of using sterile catheter to insert urine from the urethra into the bladder.

* do not oppress or distort urethral catheter when changing position.

* get out of bed as soon as possible after removing urethral catheter and try not to urinate in bed.

Keywords 4: indwelling needle

Venous indwelling needle, also known as trocar, is the replacement product of scalp acupuncture.

The use of indwelling needle can not only avoid daily venipuncture, but also benefit the protection of blood vessels, clinical medication and emergency rescue, and reduce the workload of nurses.

* detaining needles can help small limbs move, but avoid excessive activity.

* After daily infusion, gently massage hands and feet, do hand grip, local hot compress and so on to increase vascular elasticity and blood circulation.


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