Myth 1: It is not easy to restore body shape during natural childbirth

Natural childbirth is not easy to restore body shape. Because natural childbirth can cause changes in the pelvic structure, which can affect a previously slender figure, and it is difficult to recover for a long period of time after childbirth.

Expert correction: Natural childbirth not only does not endanger body shape, but also enhances the beauty of body shape.

One of the standards for female body beauty is having a full hip circumference. During vaginal delivery, due to the relaxation of pelvic ligaments, the pelvic circumference and hip circumference are widened, making them appear fuller. New mothers should actively breastfeed, eat reasonably, and exercise regularly after childbirth. Your figure will definitely restore its pre pregnancy appearance.

Myth 2: If a natural delivery is not possible, a cesarean section is still necessary. It’s better to start choosing a cesarean section instead

If a natural delivery is not possible, it is still necessary to have a cesarean section. It is better to choose a cesarean section from the beginning to avoid suffering “twice”.

Expert correction: Ultimately, it is up to the doctor to decide which delivery method to choose.

The doctor will have professional arrangements for the delivery method that a mother should adopt, and the doctor will decide the suitable delivery method for you based on your own conditions. Not suitable for postpartum women. Before giving birth, doctors will advise that a cesarean section should be performed.

Cesarean section should be the method used when there are abnormalities in the mother or fetus, such as pelvic stenosis, fetal overgrowth, fetal malposition, placenta previa, early placental detachment, gestational toxemia, acute fetal distress, etc., which cannot be a reason for the mother to fear a natural delivery.

Misunderstanding 3: Natural childbirth is too painful and unbearable

The pain of a natural delivery is unbearable. It would be great to have a cesarean section, using anesthesia would not hurt, and the mother and child would be safe. How great!

Expert correction: Although cesarean section may not be as painful as natural delivery, there are also certain risks involved.

When giving birth naturally, the mother should shift her attention and relax her mood, which can also reduce the pain appropriately.

Due to the analgesic effect of anesthetics, cesarean section reduces labor pain, but there are certain risks to cesarean section, such as anesthesia accidents, postoperative bleeding, and postpartum infection rates.

Choice of labor pain

What are the methods for relieving pain during childbirth?

Firstly, in the past, inhaling gas, a type of analgesic gas called laughing gas, was used to relieve pain. In fact, this method is a bit ineffective and not safe enough; The second method is intravenous drip of opioid analgesics, which are not used alone due to their effects on the mother, fetus, and other side effects when the dosage is too high, but only as a combination with intraspinal analgesia; The third method is currently widely used for intraspinal delivery analgesia. This is the most popular and effective method; Other methods include Doula for labor pain relief. “Doula” is a transliteration of the English word “doula”, which means that well-trained midwives or other volunteers provide physical and psychological support and assistance to the mother during childbirth, which can also alleviate some pain to a certain extent.

Are there any sequelae after childbirth analgesia?

From a professional perspective, it is unlikely to occur under normal circumstances. It refers to some soft tissue injuries, nerve injuries, etc. that mainly involve technical operation methods, but the incidence is very low. Other sequelae may also exist, but the incidence of that sentence is extremely low. Taking cesarean section as an example, it itself has many complications or commonly referred to as sequelae, which are nothing compared to the complications of cesarean section. In fact, due to the current situation of doctor-patient relations, there is a lack of good mutual trust between doctors and patients. Some complications or sequelae are artificially exaggerated, and the results do not bring any benefits to doctors or hospitals, but instead increase the psychological burden on everyone. Actually, too many concerns are unnecessary if you trust the doctor or hospital you choose.


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