What is cesarean section?

Caesarean Delivery is a method of delivery through abdominal wall incision. This is because when waiting for natural delivery but endangering the life of the mother and fetus, the fetus needs to be delivered out of the body urgently. Why do doctors choose caesarean delivery for the lying-in women? The following are the indicators for caesarean delivery:

1. Fetal distress:

This is because the fetus is in dangerous condition because of lack of oxygen. It is also possible for the fetus to die, especially if the heartbeat is less than 120/min.

2. Excessive fetal size:

The fetus is too large to be delivered through the pelvic cavity. For example, diabetic mothers may have fetal dysfunction.

3. Pelvis too small:

Some mothers who are too short do not have enough space for their babies to pass through the pelvis because their pelvis is too small.

4. Incorrect placement:

The correct birth should be the first time that the top of the fetus’s head is exposed. Incorrect fetal positions such as Breech Presentation, Face Presentation, Transverse Position, etc.

5. Mild pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome:

Mothers with hypertension, proteinuria and edema syndrome will not be able to get enough nutrition and oxygen from the placenta, nor will they be able to withstand the pressure of the production process.

6. Natural production processes cannot continue to progress:

Because the mother’s uterus contraction degree is weak, the cervix dilates insufficiently, the fetus cannot give birth.


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