Various patterns of childbirth may give babies different characteristics. We count the pain and joy that different delivery methods bring to the baby and mother, and congratulate all the new generation of mothers!

Mothers who give birth naturally receive the prize for highly immunized babies!

Mother delivered her acceptance speech:

I have to live on my own to experience the true feelings of being a mother, which may be the only feeling in my life. I can tolerate all the pain, and having a child is a special natural thing, the closer to nature, the better.

Reasons for winning the prize:

It’s natural to conceive in October and give birth once. Perhaps natural childbirth is the hardest and longest time for a baby to be born, but the rewards are also the most: during natural childbirth, the uterus contractes rhythmically, which makes the fetal thorax compressed and expanded, which is conducive to fetal lung activity and postnatal respiratory movement; due to the compression of the birth canal, the fetal brain “gets” the birth signal. Intellectual development is more rapid and perfect; the process of childbirth stimulates the immune system, so that the baby’s resistance to external pathogens is stronger after birth. One payout, one harvest, the relatively hard way of birth, so that the baby’s body has been fully exercised, laid a very good foundation for future growth and development.

Experts congratulate: Mothers who give birth naturally do little harm to their bodies.

Applicable to any expectant mother. Mothers who give birth naturally do little harm to their bodies, and their bodies recover very quickly. At the same time, there is no need for postpartum fasting, you can eat and drink freely, there will be a continuous flow of full milk to feed the baby.

Cesarean section mothers won the Deep Breathing Baby Award!

Mother delivered her acceptance speech:

Because I am 38 years old and have gestational diabetes mellitus, it is better to have a cesarean section. Too old to live. If I were young and in good health, I would have been born by myself.

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