The hardship and pain of giving birth to a child, I believe, need not be repeated. We can all have a glimpse or two from these “heart-stirring” movie scenes. Nowadays, in order to reduce the pain and give birth to babies, various kinds of wonderful childbirth methods emerge one after another.  

Australia’s newest obstetrician, for example, recently helped pregnant women remove their children from the womb by hand. This wonderful way of delivery is a big surprise. Doctors warn that this may cause the baby to be infected by bacteria.

There are many ways of childbirth. How dare mothers try it? Let’s take a look.

The world’s wonderful way of delivery

Delivery in sea

In recent years, more and more American parturients have been using “water delivery”. However, a woman named Katie Piper continued to “bring forth new things” by claiming to have babies by “giving birth at sea, giving birth to dolphins” and televising the whole process live. Although docile, dolphins are, after all, a wild animal with “unpredictable behavior” that may pose a threat to mothers and newborns who have just given birth, and are generally not recommended for this exotic method of giving birth. Of course, water delivery is feasible, but only after professional doctor’s analysis and suggestion can it be carried out.

Leboyer childbirth

Previously, most of the delivery methods were aimed at alleviating the pain of pregnant women, with little concern for the pain of newborns. In a strange world, the first cry of a newborn is not a cry of joy, but a response to fear and stress, so Dr. Le Boyer invented the Le Boyer method of childbirth to alleviate the pain of a baby. Fetal vision, hearing, touch and emotion are no less than adults, so they must respect their rights. Le Boyer’s method of delivery can reduce the stimulation of environmental changes on newborns, and can effectively reduce various external pressures.


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