Although every pregnant mother knows that natural delivery is better than caesarean section, they are still hesitating when it comes to delivery, and may choose caesarean section because of psychological problems such as fear or misunderstanding of natural delivery. Now, let’s correct these misunderstandings.

Five common misunderstandings about natural childbirth

Love tips:

1. Do a good job in prenatal examination, timely find out the adverse factors during pregnancy, and timely correct the treatment. Pay attention to the adjustment of diet structure to avoid excessive nutrition which may cause fetal size and affect the progress of labor.

2. Listen to the doctor’s advice during delivery and choose a suitable delivery mode. Don’t make your own decisions during childbirth. Follow the instructions of the medical staff.

Misunderstanding 1:

Natural childbirth is not easy to restore body shape. Because natural childbirth will change the structure of the pelvis, which will affect the previous slim figure, and there is no way to recover for a long time after childbirth.

Experts correct: natural childbirth will not only not endanger body shape, but also enhance the beauty of body shape.

One of the standards for the beauty of women’s figure is their full hip circumference. Due to the relaxation of pelvic ligament during vaginal delivery, the pelvic circumference and hip circumference become wider and fuller. The new mummy should actively breastfeed after childbirth, eat reasonably, and adhere to exercise. The body must be able to recover the appearance before pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 2:

If natural childbirth is not successful, or to caesarean section, it is better to choose caesarean section from the beginning, so as not to eat “twice bitter.”.

Experts correct: which delivery mode to choose is ultimately up to the doctor.

The doctor will make professional arrangements for what kind of delivery mode the puerpera should adopt, and the doctor will decide the appropriate delivery mode for you according to your own conditions. If the woman is not suitable for natural delivery, the doctor will tell her to have a caesarean section before giving birth.

Cesarean section should be used when the mother or fetus is abnormal. For example, the narrow pelvic cavity of pregnant women, the excessive size of the fetus, the incorrect position of the fetus, placenta previa, the early separation of the placenta, pregnancy toxemia, acute fetal distress, etc. cannot be the reason why pregnant women are afraid of natural childbirth.

Misunderstanding 3:

Natural childbirth is too painful to bear. It’s so good to have a caesarean section. It doesn’t hurt to use anesthetics, and it’s safe for mother and child!

Experts correct: Caesarean section is not as painful as natural delivery, but there are certain risks.

When giving birth naturally, the parturient should shift their attention. Pay attention to relax their mood. In this way, the pain can also be reduced properly.

Because of the analgesic effect of anesthetics, the pain of delivery is reduced, but there are some risks in caesarean section, such as anesthesia accident, postoperative bleeding, post partum infection rate, etc.

Misunderstanding 4:

Children born naturally may have low IQ, because the baby’s head is squeezed during childbirth, which affects the child’s IQ.

Experts correct: natural childbirth will not affect the fetal brain.

Because when the baby passes through the birth canal, the skull will naturally overlap to adapt to the environment of the birth canal and prevent the brain tissue from being compressed. On the contrary, caesarean section will cause the baby to be damaged due to the impact of the sudden change of air pressure when it is taken out directly from the uterine cavity.

During caesarean section, the baby’s chest is not squeezed. The mucus and water in the respiratory tract are all stagnant in the lung. It is easy for the baby to develop pneumonia and lack of oxygen, which may affect the baby’s brain development and reduce the intelligence quotient of the baby.

Misunderstanding 5:

Natural childbirth affects sexual life, because the vagina and vulva are extremely dilated during childbirth, resulting in vaginal relaxation.

Experts correct: exercise pelvic muscles, can help you improve vaginal relaxation.

Postpartum in the premise of ensuring the intake of nutrients, through the exercise of pelvic muscles can improve the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation. With the recovery of the maternal body, the level of sex hormone will rise to the original level, and the sexual function will also recover. So don’t worry about it at all.

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