Five frightening Labor Operations

Is the mother who is preparing for delivery, must be afraid of what kind of delivery process will experience? According to the specific situation of delivery, generally, obstetricians and gynaecologists usually use 5 kinds of labor operations to help the pregnant women to deliver smoothly

Operation 1. Oxytocin induced labor

Oxytocin is used to initiate and strengthen contractions, and also prevent postpartum hemorrhage. If the method is correct, it is very safe. Other medical intervention methods include artificial rupture of membrane, which is also used to strengthen the uterine contraction during the labor process.

There are also surgical midwifery, such as fetal head attractors or prenatal midwifery. These are all medical interventions.

The advantage of oxytocin induced labor is that it can speed up the delivery process, and sometimes avoid caesarean section. The disadvantage is that intravenous infusion is needed, so that the activities of the pregnant women are not very local.

Netizen: Excuse me the pre delivery period is over, there is no symptom of childbirth, whether need to give birth hormone, what advantages and disadvantages do you have with oxytocin?

Expert zhouliping: see how doctors decide without oxytocin, because there are several methods of induction, oxytocin is only one of them. Oxytocin is safe to use correctly. However, it has some contraindications, such as when it is not available, such as abnormal pelvis, when it is not weighed in the head and basin, and fetal distress. In addition, there are also some cases of internal and external complications, and when there is an inconsistent uterine contraction, be careful Oxytocin. Intravenous oxytocin is controlled by infusion pump. It is very safe to adjust the speed of the drug according to the contraction of uterus.  


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