There are many misunderstandings about natural labor, such as——

They think that small people can’t give birth smoothly;

The pain of natural labor is unbearable;

Think natural labor will affect the sex life;

It is considered that it is difficult to recover the body shape after natural birth;


In fact, many people have misunderstandings about natural labor. Today, I’d like to give you a look at the common misunderstanding of spontaneous delivery, so that expectant mothers who are about to give birth can easily wait for labor.

Misconception 1: the less you are, the harder it is to give birth


As the old saying goes, butt is easy to bear. Modern medicine also believes that the greater the height, the easier the natural birth. In fact, there is some truth in this, but it is not absolute.

[the truth]

Because the bigger the person is, the bigger the pelvis will be, which is more conducive to natural labor, but not everyone’s height is not proportional to the size of the pelvis. In addition, there are many other factors that affect natural labor, such as the size of the fetus, the position of the baby, the perineum, and the force of the pregnant mother during delivery. Therefore, it is not that the smaller the baby, the more difficult it is to give birth naturally. Other factors should also be considered.

Misunderstanding 2: cesarean section is better than natural labor


Natural birth is a natural process of delivery, the fetus needs to experience the extrusion of the birth canal in order to give birth smoothly, and this process of opening the uterine orifice will be very painful, some feel too painful, not as comfortable as cesarean section.

[the truth]

In fact, natural labor is a natural process, pain exists, but it is not unbearable. From the beginning of contractions, the pain will be more and more frequent, the degree will gradually aggravate. When the cervix is fully opened, you can use the right force with the help of the midwife. Don’t yell. In this way, you can strive for time to give birth, reduce physical expenditure, and help to give birth faster. As long as the force is appropriate, the posture is appropriate, follow the direction of the midwife, and then think about our baby is also as hard as ourselves, in this case, natural birth is not so terrible.

Misunderstanding 3: vaginal relaxation after natural labor affects sexual life


Many people were born after Tucao was born, and there was no feeling before. When AA was considered, the baby make complaints about the birth canal.

[the truth]

It is true that the sexual function of some new mothers will decline after natural childbirth, which is caused by the following factors: ① after childbirth, the level of sex hormones in the body suddenly drops, unable to raise sexual desire. ② When the vaginal wall nerve is compressed during delivery, the sensitivity of sexual stimulation is reduced. ③ New mothers need to breast feed and coax their babies, so they are easily short of energy.

But as the new mother’s body recovers, the sex hormone level returns to the original level, and the sexual function will return to normal. Therefore, sexual sensitivity has nothing to do with vaginal delivery, there is no need to worry about it.

Misunderstanding 4: poor recovery after bone suture in natural labor


During natural childbirth, the bony suture is opened and the pelvic structure is changed. After childbirth, there is no way to restore the pre pregnancy figure for a long time.

[the truth]

Bone suture is actually an unscientific statement. Natural labor is not to open the bone seam, but to open and expand the cervix. About one month after the baby is born, the cervix will be closed. But some people in the postpartum is indeed a small abdomen bigger, it is difficult to recover as before, this is because of postpartum rectus injury, if you do not exercise it will lead to abdominal relaxation, which has nothing to do with the mode of delivery. Therefore, if you want to get back in shape, you should insist on breastfeeding, reasonable eating and proper exercise after delivery.

Myth 5 – squeezing the head of a fetus during natural labor can reduce IQ


Some people believe that the natural childbirth, the baby’s head through the birth canal compression, after birth may affect the IQ.

[the truth]

When the baby passes through the birth canal, the skull will naturally overlap to adapt to the birth canal environment and prevent the brain tissue from being compressed. Moreover, the baby after uterine contraction pain extrusion, tactile, proprioceptive function development is better, but also the lung and mouth and nose of amniotic fluid and mucus will squeeze out, reduce the incidence of neonatal asphyxia.


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