Although every pregnant mother knows that natural childbirth is better than cesarean section, they are still hesitating when it comes to delivery. They may choose caesarean section because of psychological problems such as fear or misunderstanding of natural delivery. Now, let’s correct these misunderstandings.

Love tips:

L. do a good job in prenatal examination, timely find out the adverse factors of pregnancy, and timely correct treatment. Attention should be paid to the adjustment of diet structure, so as to avoid fetal enlargement caused by excessive nutrition, which will affect the progress of labor process.

2. Listen to the doctor’s advice during delivery and choose the appropriate delivery mode. Don’t make your own decisions in childbirth. Follow the guidance of medical staff.

Misunderstanding 1:

Natural childbirth is not easy to restore body shape. Because natural childbirth will change pelvic structure, thus affecting the previous slim figure, and postpartum for a long time can not be restored.

Expert correction: natural childbirth will not only endanger the body shape, but also enhance the beauty of the body.

One of the standards of women’s body beauty is full hip circumference. Vaginal delivery due to pelvic ligament relaxation, so that the pelvic circumference, hip circumference widened, appear more plump. After delivery, new mothers should breastfeed actively, eat reasonably, and keep exercising. Their figure will certainly recover to the appearance before pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 2:

If you don’t have a cesarean section, it’s better to start with a cesarean section.

Expert correction: in the end, which mode of delivery should be chosen ultimately depends on the doctor.

Maternal should take what kind of delivery, doctors will have professional arrangements, doctors will be based on your own conditions for you to determine the appropriate mode of delivery. Not suitable for natural childbirth. The doctor will tell you to take cesarean section before delivery.

Cesarean section should be used when the mother or fetus has abnormalities, such as pelvic stenosis of pregnant women, fetal enlargement, fetal malposition, placenta previa, placental abruption, toxemia of pregnancy, acute fetal distress, etc., which can not be the reason for maternal fear of natural delivery.


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