Mothers feel a lot of pain in childbirth when they think about it. There was a mother who described the period of pain like this:

Mother A: It’s really painful when we’re about to give birth. We want to catch something! The midwife always comforted and helped me, when I still couldn’t help crying out ~too painful! ___________

Mother B: “When I feel pain, I don’t sit or stand, even when I hear my husband talking, I feel so harsh that I want to hit him!” When the pain is too bad, I shout and scream again and again. It’s not so painful to let it out! “

Mother C: “Sometimes the pain during childbirth is really unbearable. I have some small actions to relieve myself, such as sitting in a chair, feeling less painful

How painful is it to have a baby?

Labor pain refers to the pain caused by uterine contraction of the fetus before delivery. When the development of the fetus is completed in the mother, the pregnancy is about to end, the uterus will begin to contract, so that the fetus slowly descends from the cervix. When a pregnant woman suffers from pains, it means that the time for childbirth is approaching.

Labor pains are regular. From the beginning of the first stage of labor, the frequency and intensity of uterine contraction will become more and more dense and painful every time the mouth of uterus opens one more finger. When the orifice of the uterus is close to full opening, the duration of each contraction can be as long as 60 seconds, while the interval time is only 2 minutes.

This process takes about 11 to 12 hours for primipara. This long and increasing pain is a physical and psychological double devastation.

When the uterine opening is complete and the second stage of labor enters, uterine contractions will become more severe. When the fetus descends to the pelvis and oppresses the pubic bone, the painful part will shift from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen, and the perineum of the expectant mother will gradually expand due to the descent of the fetal head. At this time, the vagina, perineum will appear knife cutting, sharp pain.

_How can labor pain be alleviated?

Labor pains, many mothers may still recall the “palpitation of the heart”. Mothers suffer from the severe pain caused by the pain. At this time, we can take some measures to ease the pain. For example:

1. Get out of bed and walk around. If the contraction of the uterus can be tolerated during the first stage of labor, it is suggested that mothers get out of bed and walk around, which can not only help alleviate pain, but also help to expand the cervix and accelerate the progress of labor.

2. Adjust breathing. At the beginning and end of each throb, breathe in the whole chest (breathe hard, take a deep breath through the nose, then exhale slowly through the mouth). In the middle part, breathe in the upper chest (i.e. mouth slightly open, breathe in through the mouth, then breathe in slightly, without too much effort), so as to relax the lower abdomen and reduce the pain as much as possible.

3. Proper massage. While adjusting the exhalation, let the husband help massage, better relax muscles, relieve pain. The specific method of massage is: when inhaling, gently massage hands from both lower abdomen to the center of abdomen, and when exhaling, massage from the center of abdomen to both sides. You can also gently massage uncomfortable areas, such as the waist, pubic symphysis.

4. Change of posture. When in pain, you can try to find your most comfortable position, such as sitting, cross-legged, or deep breathing, while pressing the waist or pubic symphysis with your fist. You can also sit on the back of a chair, like riding a horse, with your legs apart, your hands on the back, bowing your head, which is also very effective in relieving pain.

5. Try to kneel. When the pain is unbearable, you can use the position of kneeling or standing, and lean forward appropriately around you, so as to reduce the pain properly. When kneeling, slowly rotating the waist can relieve the pressure of uterus and relieve the symptoms of low back pain.

Painless childbirth is a process that every mother must experience before childbirth. In addition to the above methods, painless childbirth is also a good way to alleviate painful childbirth. More and more people choose it. Pregnant mothers can learn about it in advance.


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