Mother’s egg, give birth to a child so painful, the old woman to caesarean section, the old woman do not want to give birth to herself, whine…

Believe that this is a lot of mothers have had the experience of giving birth to children is indeed painful, all kinds of pain, but ultimately to give birth to ah, endure a success.

But I tell you, in fact, children are so young that you will suffer less. Do you believe it?

01 first stage of labor

From regular uterine contraction to full opening of the uterus. 10-12 hours of primipara and 4-10 hours of puerperal labor are the most painful processes.

Relieve pain

Don’t struggle.

During the first stage of labor, when the mouth of the uterus expands, don’t scream and struggle there, and use up all your strength. How can the second stage of labor have the strength to give birth to the baby?

Adjust breathing

When the pain comes, adjust your breathing according to Lamaze’s method. When the pain comes, focus on breathing and relax your muscles.

Appropriate exercise

Walking when you are not painful can help dilate the palace. Do not lie in bed dare not move, so that there is no help in relieving pain.

Replenish your strength

After the end of the pain, hurry up, go to the toilet, eat, and provide energy for the next child.

Listen to soothing music.

You can download some of your favorite songs, listen to the baby do prenatal music, but also have a diversion of attention to calm the role of Oh.

Don’t idle your husband.

The husband holds his wife’s hand and caresses, and encourages her constantly to keep her from feeling isolated and helpless. In the early stage of pain, help wife as much as possible to move around, to promote fetal head drop, shorten the labor process.

02 second stage of labor

From the cervical dilatation to fetal delivery. Primipara takes 1~2 hours, and the puerpera takes 30-60 minutes.

Relieve pain


Since the fetus is about to be delivered from the birth canal, even if it is uncomfortable, attention should also be paid to maintaining a supine position, feet as far as possible open, knee bending posture, in order to facilitate the doctor’s assistance in childbirth.

Cooperate with uterine contraction

A contraction of about three times to exert force, maternal to follow the doctor’s instructions, in the contraction must cooperate with the force.

Pay attention to rest.

When the uterine contraction stops, the pregnant woman should relax and rest immediately. At this time, exertion not only has no effect, but will make the parturient exhausted and affect the smooth delivery. We should take the opportunity to do 2~3 deep abdominal breaths to prepare for the next contraction.

No need to shrink the anus.

The head of the fetus swings in the birth canal and moves forward toward the exit of the birth canal with the contraction of the uterus, causing the parturient to hold her breath involuntarily, producing a feeling of wanting to defecate, or even a feeling of holding her back. This is due to the downward compression of the fetal head, so it is unnecessary to shrink the anus due to fear, which will affect the fetal head drop.

03 third stage of labor

It takes 5~30 minutes to deliver from the fetus to the placenta. Fetal attention should be paid after delivery. Later, the doctor will tidy up for the pregnant woman, if the vulva has a cleft, it will do some local suture.

Relieve pain

Don’t touch your abdomen with your hands.

Before the placenta has yet to be delivered, the mother should not touch the lower abdomen with her hands, in order to avoid stimulating the lower abdomen causing reflex contraction of the cervical orifice, hindering the smooth delivery of the placenta.

Try to spread your legs as far as possible, which is good for doctors.

After the placenta is delivered, before the vulva is sterilized, the puerpera should try to open her legs so as to facilitate the doctor’s treatment.

Actively cooperate with doctors to stitch up wounds.

After the placenta is delivered, if the perineum is injured, the doctor should stitch immediately. In order to better let the doctor deal with, although very tired, but continue to endure, and take the posture required by the doctor, strong enough to cooperate with the doctor. Only in this way can the doctor suture the wound of the vaginal wall and the vaginal entrance, so as not to affect the future sexual life.

04 fourth stage of labor

1-2 hours after delivery, the midwife in the observation of maternal vital signs and uterine contractions are normal, bleeding is normal and sent back to the ward to rest.

Relieve pain

The postpartum 1-2 hours, the maternal is in a weak state, in addition to looking at the baby just born, maternal attention to rest.

You can drink hot water or hot soup to replenish your strength.

You can put a hot towel over your waist to relieve the pain.

Husbands are often accompanied by their wives. Gently massage the pain area can help relieve pain. Rest, pillow, cushion and other soft things under the knee to relax the muscles, reduce waist pain.


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