Now, most expectant mothers will choose caesarean section to give birth to their babies, because caesarean section can avoid childbirth pain to a certain extent, and the probability of a smooth birth is higher than that of a natural birth. However, there are many problems left after cesarean section, and new mothers are always troubled by them.

Affect the feelings of mother and son

Maternal love is great and selfless. But studies have shown that mothers who give birth naturally are more sensitive to their babies’ crying, while cesarean section may reduce their maternal behavior. Because cesarean section blocks the secretion of a hormone that makes mothers love their children. Natural childbirth stimulates the cervix and hormone production of expectant mothers, enhancing their feelings for their baby. It’s crucial to be a good mother in the future.

During spontaneous delivery, brain activity can regulate the mood and daily behavior of expectant mothers, and help them take care of their children successfully in the future. Caesarean section takes the way of incision in the maternal abdominal wall, directly takes out the baby from the uterus, changes the “nerve and hormone experience” in the process of maternal delivery, which may reduce the intimacy between the mother and the child.

Now many expectant mothers set the time of cesarean section with the hospital in order to give their children a good birthday. In fact, this idea is not correct. If the pain of childbirth is less than that of blood and water, and if even the most precious affection is diluted by caesarean section, I suggest that natural birth is better. What’s more, caesarean section has certain risks.

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Page 1: affect the feelings of mother and son

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