This is how angels are made

According to legend, the birth of every little life is inseparable from the guardian and care of the old angel “Small beans: eat beans, long meat, do not eat beans, long thin.” ——Every time I hear bean milk teach Douding bao’er to recite this doggerel, I want to laugh. When I think about it, children will ask, “Mom, where do I come from?” When it comes to this kind of problem, maybe I will tell him, “you came out of my mother’s stomach!” Then the child may ask, “Mom, why did you eat me?” It’s hard to argue. Therefore, the story of Douding Baoer’s birth is specially recorded.

The baby’s due date is October 27, but before the routine examination B ultrasound showed that the placenta had calcification. The doctor suggested that an early cesarean section should be carried out. Fortunately, I didn’t have any psychological preparation on the day of the baby. As soon as I got home, the family that had decided to have a natural birth began to be in trouble. Thinking about the results of the study on my big stomach by those enthusiastic aunts (they all agreed that it was a girl), dounai proposed to see the doctor whether it was a man or a woman, so as to choose the date of caesarean section according to this. Dad Dou and I are worried about the side effects of laparotomy, and have been wavering. To our surprise, the child had to play deep with us. When B-mode ultrasound came and B-ultrasound went, he was lying on his stomach and refused to turn around. He just didn’t let people see his gender. There is no way, had to carefully stay at home, according to the doctor, a situation on the hospital.

On the morning of October 19, when I went to the bathroom, I found a small piece of bright red blood. I told soybean milk that they quickly packed up large and small bags and went to the hospital. At that time, he was worried about not telling him. Just from the moment I got on the bus, I began to beat the drum in my heart. I felt a little guilty when I thought of douru, who said that when she gave birth to his father, she was so painful.

To the hospital after a doctor’s inspection, the palace opened a finger, the fetal head has not yet entered the basin. I had to go through the hospital procedures and wait, and I took oxygen for half an hour according to the doctor’s order. However, I began to walk up and down the inpatient department. After a whole day, I didn’t see any pain. Instead, I relaxed.

At about 17:30, it was estimated that Dad Dou should be on his way home before calling him directly to the hospital. When Dou dad burst into the ward full of excitement, I was discussing with soymilk what dishes to order. After a brief inquiry, Mr. Dou once again reiterated that he wanted to have a natural birth. After dinner, two people ran to the maternal and infant store opposite the hospital to buy good things back. Dad Dou took out a pair of cards from nowhere to play “fast running” with me. Even the beautiful mother and her partner who were protecting the baby were infected by us. Soon you came and talked to me.


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