Former gymnast Sang Lan gave birth to a baby boy on April 14, 2014, Beijing Time. Sang Lan’s family posted a group of pictures through their personal micro-blog and said: “Sang Lan gave birth to a baby boy in Beijing at 0:19 a.m., weighing 5 kilograms and 7 pairs, mother and son are safe. Thank the hospital for its active efforts and excellent medical skills! At the same time, we thank all sectors of society for their concern and love! “

Weibo Records: Pregnancy is a tough journey

Today 02:12: “Sang Lan gave birth at 0:19 a.m. in Beijing to a baby boy weighing 5 kg and 7 pounds. Mother and child are safe. Thank you for the hospital’s active efforts and excellent medical skills, and thank all sectors of society for their care and care… Families in hospitals!”

March 11: “Unexpectedly, I am also going to be a mother. Thanksgiving…”

February 23: “Routine examination, very smooth, baby horse athletes have the gene, must be very strong.”

January 27: “My father-to-be took a big picture of his belly. It was a hard time, but we still enjoyed the wonderful time. Little foal, we all love you. I hope you can grow up strong, happy and healthy in the future. Mom and Dad are waiting for you. Thank you for all the friends who have cared about me and for all the days you have spent together.

2013-10-27: “I have been taking a drug to control the sphincter of the bladder for more than a decade. Because its pharmacological action is through the kidney, I have been worried recently that it will affect future babies. Consulting my American doctor, he told me that I had not clinically proven that the drug was harmful to the fetus. If you’re ready to give birth to the next generation, there’s still some risk, especially childbirth. In my opinion, this is the key to success anyway.”

2013-12-31: “On the last day of 2013, I want to say something, but I don’t know how to express it. Happy New Year to you all! Fifteen years ago, I lit the New Year’s lights in Times Square. This year, I wish to have a wonderful encounter with my baby in the new year. Mother is waiting for you! Little foal!”


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