It’s a knife! Is cesarean section horizontal cut or vertical cut? This knife is very learned.

Soon: I’ve read some articles on the Internet, and I’ve also learned that it’s a dilemma whether to choose a horizontal incision with a hidden edge and a beautiful cut or a conventional vertical incision.

I believe you have such doubts, so let’s answer this question.

Popular science: what is crosscutting? What is vertical cut?

Transverse section: The abdomen is cut horizontally. The cutting edge is usually more than 2 cm above the pubic symphysis line and the wound is about 10 cm.

Vertical cut: from the umbilical cord to the pubic symphysis, the median line is about 12 cm in length.

Common ground: Both horizontal and vertical incisions are not so simple, because the way to cut the abdomen is first in the lower abdomen, but also in order to cut subcutaneous fat, myocardium, abdominal muscle, peritoneum, uterine muscle layer, so many layers, and finally to open the amniotic fluid cavity, fetus and placenta after the sequential suture Close the above layers and finally stitch the abdominal skin.

That is to say, whether crosscutting or vertical cutting, is just a knife form, is the first knife to cut the skin, the other layers and steps are the same.


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