Dear folks, have you heard that caesarean section is very painful and needs to be dissected one by one to see the baby?

What? Is it not that too much pain or too much suffering is a decisive choice? It looks like it hurts all over the world!

Here, editors are coming to give mothers-to-be popular science. Is caesarean section that scary? How many knives are needed to get pregnant women? Look at the following, you will know.

Science: what is cesarean section? How do I need a cesarean section?

Cesarean section is an important operation in the field of obstetrics. Because of the advances in anesthesiology, blood transfusion, fluid transfusion, water and electricity balance, surgical methods, improvement of surgical suture materials and infection control, cesarean section has become an effective means to solve dystocia and some obstetric complications, and to save the lives of mothers and perinatal infants.

Don’t hesitate.

Some mothers said, I am in good health, want to adhere to the birth, so that the baby is healthier, do not thank you Caesarean! In fact, when you face the following situation, you can not be self-willed, or listen to the doctor, Caesarean bar.

1. the pelvis of the pregnant woman is obviously narrow or deformed.

2. the vagina, soft birth canal, pelvis and cervix had special lesions or malformations.

3. abnormal fetal position, such as transverse position and breech position.

4. prenatal hemorrhage;

5. uterine scar;

6. pregnancy complications or complications are serious.

7. threatened uterine rupture;

8. had genital repairs.

Elderly primiparas over 9.35 years old;

10. fetal weight over 4 kg, or appear intrauterine hypoxia, umbilical cord prolapse and so on;

11. placenta previa.

Mothers-to-be who meet the above conditions are better off choosing caesarean section, although the benefits of natural delivery are more, but pregnant mothers have to take into account the overall situation.


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