Pregnant women in October are facing the greatest difficulty when they give birth. They are afraid of the pain of childbirth. How can they give birth painlessly? Today I’m going to tell you how to give birth painlessly.

“Pain, pain, pain, full of the word in my mind, the thought of childbirth makes me nervous and afraid.” “Seeing the scene of my sister giving birth to a child, although psychologically prepared, but still frightened, can I persevere until the baby comes out?”… __________ Speaking of childbirth, expectant mothers say that “pain” is their impression of childbirth. How can we naturally and smoothly give birth without pain? Mummies are full of expectations, in fact, breaking the pain code can drive the pain away.

Studies have shown that the main causes of labor pain are: regular contraction of uterus, stretching or tearing of uterine muscle fibers causing severe pain; compression of the birth canal when the fetus passes through the birth canal, especially the injury and traction of the lower uterus and cervix; and psychological tension of the parturient, due to lack of experience in childbirth and exaggeration of various information on labor pain, so that the parturients have to give birth. Full of fear, causing muscle tension, resulting in increased contractions and prolonged time, aggravating the pain. Maternal pain not only causes a lot of sweating, nausea and vomiting, prolongs the labor process, but also sometimes affects the normal delivery of babies, and even asphyxia.

Knowing where pain comes from, it’s not so difficult to deal with it. Some people say that it’s not easy, caesarean section, easy knife, short time, less pain. But is cesarean section really so simple and convenient? Compared with natural delivery, cesarean section produces more bleeding, slower physical recovery, and many adverse effects on babies and other reasons, which are no longer arbitrarily chosen by rational mothers-to-be. More intelligent mothers-to-be have turned their eyes to painless childbirth, that is, analgesic childbirth referred to in medicine, without suffering. During the process, the baby will be born easily, which is conducive to the maternal themselves, but also conducive to the baby.

The six major techniques of analgesia in professional maternity and infant hospitals help and support expectant mothers step by step in psychological, spiritual and physiological aspects to solve labor pain and cope with delivery calmly. These methods include: 1. prenatal practice and prenatal preview; 2. Doula delivery; 3. husband or family accompanying delivery; 4. warm water bath analgesia; 5. music analgesia; 6. application of dural anesthesia to achieve analgesic effect. Painless childbirth has become a very common practice abroad. The advantage is that mothers-to-be will no longer suffer from pain, reduce the fear of childbirth and postpartum fatigue, so that mothers can rest in the first stage of labor, when the mouth of the uterus is fully opened, they have enough strength to complete the delivery.

Private practice prenatal prenatal prenatal rehearsal

As the first step to reduce labor pain, expectant mothers need to have a detailed and complete understanding of the delivery process and related knowledge, which will be specially guided and explained by experts in the “Pregnant School” of maternity and infant hospitals. Some hospitals also set up a preview to simulate the whole process of waiting for delivery and delivery. The whole process includes all links such as the beginning of labor signs, attendance, simulated delivery and so on. By familiarizing the parturient with the process of parturition and the environment and facilities of the hospital, the parturient has a good psychological awareness, eliminating fear and giving birth easily.

2. Warm water bath for labor analgesia

Understanding the delivery process is only the first step to break the pain of childbirth. Before entering the delivery room, take a warm bath, with the buoyancy of warm water to counteract gravity, can promote the expansion of cervical mouth, help to accept the strong gushing force in the body, ease the tension of the parturient, effectively reduce labor pain, shorten the birth process, and promote smooth delivery.

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