Parents need to make many decisions, such as naming their babies before they are born, baby beds, etc. What’s the biggest decision you have to make? You have to choose the way your child is born.

Family childbirth (natural or water childbirth)

If you consider the flexibility at home and the comfort your family brings you, you can consider the way the family delivers. This is a way to ensure minimal interference and natural delivery. Water delivery is also a good choice, but now only a few hospitals can provide this mode of delivery assistance. If you want to use family delivery, be sure to find some professional midwives. And if there are complications of maternal, such as diabetes, then absolutely can not use this way, this way only applies to those who are completely free of problems during pregnancy.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Center

Delivery in maternity centers is very similar to home delivery, both relaxed and helpful in choosing natural delivery. If you have no or low-risk pregnancy, and don’t want too much interference, you are advised to use this mode of delivery, because there is first-time medical support when needed. Often the staff of maternity centers are nurses and professional midwives, which can make women more free to move, bathe and so on, and also reduce the embarrassment of seeing male doctors during childbirth.

Hospital delivery

According to the survey, about 92% of pregnant women use hospital delivery. If you choose a maternity doctor as your “military adviser”, most of you will choose to give birth in hospital. Of course, in hospital delivery you can also find midwives to provide care and help. In hospital delivery, you can also use natural delivery, and the hospital can also provide pain relief measures to help your delivery. No matter what mode of delivery you use, don’t feel too much pressure. Start by trying the natural mode. If it doesn’t suit you, talk to your doctor about other options.

Analgesic measures

No matter where you choose to deliver, some practical analgesic measures can help you deliver. Anesthesia and epidural injection are effective analgesic methods. When giving birth, we must discuss with the midwife what measures should be taken. But women themselves should have confidence in their ability to deliver.


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