There are many pregnant women who have some misunderstandings about this kind of operation, thinking that as long as the baby can be removed as soon as possible, it is good. In fact, it’s not. Now let’s strengthen our understanding of caesarean section.

Is Caesarean section really safer than a natural birth?

Since the development of medical science and technology, the safety of caesarean section and natural birth is quite high, so there is no such good idea, only the appropriate and inappropriate problem. Under the general evaluation of advantages and disadvantages, “natural birth” only needs local anesthesia, rapid recovery after delivery, short hospital stay, and can establish a good parent-child relationship in advance; “caesarean section” requires more complex anesthesia methods, with slightly higher chances of bleeding and complications after operation, and slower recovery of mother’s physical strength.

Mystery 2: Are Caesarean births less deformed?

In fact, there is no medical basis for this statement. Whether postpartum body shape will change or not has nothing to do with the mode of production, but with postpartum diet and exercise. Postpartum as long as through the adjustment of diet and exercise, whether natural birth or caesarean section, can return to a slim figure. However, because of the deep wound of caesarean section, the parturient is afraid of pain, often delaying the start of exercise.

The third mystery is Caesarean section, which has less impact on couples’sexual life.

Some people think that natural birth wound pain and vaginal relaxation will cause discord in sexual life between husband and wife. In fact, vaginal tolerance is very large and flexible. As long as more perineal contraction exercises are done after delivery, the vagina will usually regain its former elasticity. The main reasons that really affect couples’postpartum sexual life are depression and extreme sleepiness. Although the wound of caesarean section is not in the perineum, the wound recovery time is longer, and the satisfaction of sexual life is easy to decline.

Mystery No. 4: Children born by Caesarean section have beautiful heads?

From a medical point of view, the deformity of the fetal head at birth is a normal process, which will return to its original state in a few days, and has no effect on the future beauty and intelligence. On the contrary, the cesarean section of the fetus, due to the production process without the compression of the birth canal, so that at the moment of birth, the lung is not easy to expand, more likely to occur pulmonary complications.


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