Caesarean birth many people think that caesarean birth will be very easy without the expansion of the birth canal, and hope to choose this way of delivery. In fact, caesarean section is a kind of operation, with corresponding risks, it is best to choose carefully.

Fear of caesarean section

Although there are many opinions supporting pregnant women to choose caesarean section recently, doctors say most women are still afraid of the process of caesarean section, so they will try to avoid using it. And many mothers are afraid of the pain and recovery time after the operation, as well as the risks during the operation. So if the doctor suggests you use a C-section, you need to ask why he suggests it and what can be avoided. If there is no way, you need to trust everyone in the delivery room.

In recent years, due to the development of medical technology, caesarean section has played an important role in saving the fetus and saving the life of the puerpera. But after all, it is not the best way to deliver simply, safely and quickly. Compared with vaginal delivery, caesarean section is performed by the puerpera. There were more bleeding, more chances of infection and slower recovery after operation. As a result of caesarean birth, the possibility of intracranial hemorrhage increases due to the sudden arrival in the atmosphere. As the umbilical cord is cut rapidly, anemia and weight loss are easy to occur. Therefore, caesarean section is not suitable for every woman. Doctors consider caesarean section when:

1. Fetal distress;

2. Massive antepartum hemorrhage, such as placenta previa and placental detachment;

Third, delayed labor, or labor process is not smooth, uterine atony;

4. Narrow pelvis or obstruction of birth canal.

Postoperative attention

1) take the side lying position to make the body and bed form a 20-30 angle, which can reduce the vibration and pulling pain to the incision.

2). After about 3 or 4 hours, the consciousness will recover. You can practice turning over and sitting up. After 24 hours, pull out the catheter and get out of bed to move slowly.

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