Is painless childbirth really painless?

My friend’s son, Xiaocheng, is a lawyer. Recently, he came to me for advice on a medical dispute. Originally, there was a mother who had a baby in a local small hospital that boasted of painless childbirth, but after entering, not only did she not achieve painless, but also delayed the birth process because of the excessive pursuit of “perfection”, and finally only gave her a caesarean section. The maternal family was naturally dissatisfied, and the person was not discharged from the hospital, so a petition was filed against the small hospital.

In fact, the term “painless childbirth” is not exact, it should be called “obstetric analgesia” in medicine. Because no matter what method is used, it can’t be absolutely painless, just trying to alleviate the pain. Analgesia during labor can be divided into two categories: prophylactic painless childbirth and drug analgesia.

Labor pain is a physiological phenomenon in the process of childbirth. It is caused by uterine contraction and cervical dilatation. Normal people have the ability to withstand this pain. However, maternal mental state in tension, fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, will increase maternal sensitivity to pain, therefore, to achieve psychopathic painless childbirth requires maternal learning about childbirth.

In addition, proper breathing during labor can also relieve pain and stabilize mood. In recent years, family escort and multiple postures are helpful to alleviate tension and pain during labor.

There are many analgesic methods for labor, such as intramuscular injection of dolantin or intermittent inhalation of laughing gas. At present, the ideal analgesic effect is to block the sensory nerve innervating the uterus from the epidural space, thereby reducing pain. In recent years, the work of clinicians has been reduced due to the increasingly rational choice of narcotic drugs. Drug analgesia is generally used in pregnant women with complications, such as premature delivery, twins and pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. Women with heart disease should not use it at will.

In a word, childbirth pain, like the growth pain of children and headache and fever of ordinary people, need not be stopped.


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