The baby’s childbirth, does not say directly from the uterus through the birth canal falls out directly. On the contrary, in the process of giving birth to a baby, the baby has to go through many turns in the birth canal to make her body suitable for the birth canal and give birth smoothly. What the expectant mother can do is to cooperate with the doctor to breathe scientifically and assist the delivery.

First, gorgeous first, second turn

When the baby is ready to be born, the baby will tighten his jaw toward his body, gather his shoulders and curl up, just like an athlete who is about to go to the marathon, ready to give birth from the birth canal of the expectant mother.

When the expectant mother is ready to give birth to the baby, the baby also begins a long journey. Of course, the baby is not a smooth cylinder, which can not be delivered from the birth canal of the expectant mother. Therefore, it is necessary to see the timing and adjust your movements to pass through the pelvis smoothly.

The baby will first measure his big head and the size of his mother’s pelvis to see if he can pass smoothly. If not, you need to make the first turn. The baby is initially facing the side. When the baby’s head enters the pelvis, it completes the first turn. When his head reaches the bottom of the pelvis, the baby will slowly turn to face the mother’s back to complete the second turn.

At this time, the mother to be does this:

1. Do not force blindly. Because when the baby curls up to enter the birth canal through the pelvic opening, if you do not use proper force, the baby will deviate and cannot find the exit. Instead, it will set artificial obstacles for the baby.

2. Cooperate with doctor to adjust breathing. At this stage, pregnant women should be given priority to abdominal breathing. Inhale, abdominal distension, exhale, abdominal contraction.

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Page 1: Gorgeous first and second turn

Page 2: turn around the third time: expose the tire head

Page 3: fourth turn: smooth delivery


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