Now cesarean section is low risk, easy and safe. Many pregnant women are willing to choose cesarean section

According to statistics, at present, the average cesarean section rate in obstetrics and gynecology in major hospitals is about 50%, and in some hospitals, it can reach 80% or even higher, compared with 40% two years ago. In a hospital, there are 160 newborns in a month and 140 children born by cesarean section.

In cesarean section, a considerable proportion of patients insist on cesarean section without any indication, and about 90% of them have calculated divination and selected the “auspicious day”. On August 18 last year, 18 children were born in obstetrics and Gynecology, of which 12 were dissected at the request of their families. However, there are few pregnant women who must undergo cesarean section, accounting for less than 10%.

   “This is a psychological need of patients. Since there is, and it does not violate the big principle, doctors will generally meet it as much as possible. People can only be born once. If they do not have an autopsy on time, in the future, as long as there are any problems in their children’s life, even if they have a headache and a cold, parents will be associated with their failure to” be born on time “; especially among people in business and officials, this idea is very common In this regard, an expert explained helplessly.

Social factors have become a major driver of high cesarean section rate.

It’s better to dissect 1000 by mistake than take a risk once

Family members pay too much attention and doctors are too vigilant. Some small abnormalities and small indications that can be ignored in the production process are exaggerated, which has become another main driver of the increase of cesarean section rate. For example, for complications such as pregnancy induced hypertension, doctors often consider cesarean section, which accounts for about 30%.

An insider told reporters that fetal heart rate monitoring originally required to listen to it once every half an hour. Now it is a whole process monitoring with fetal heart rate monitor tied as soon as the labor process is carried out. If there is any abnormality, it will call the police. The doctor will inform the pregnant women and their families and recommend the implementation of “cesarean section” to prevent accidents.

“This can only be said as’ postpartum review ‘. Before, no one dared to say’ this abnormal fetal heart rate can be ignored, and this problem will not be fatal! ‘. Even indications that were not considered very important, such as relatively large fetus and umbilical cord around neck, have been used as the reason for cesarean section. If the family refuses, they should sign to prevent disputes afterwards.” “The ‘retreat’ is too easy. Who is willing to take risks?”

There are many unknown factors and high uncertainty before and after birth. Sometimes the maternal monitoring during the whole pregnancy is very normal. Just at the moment when the fetus enters the basin, the umbilical cord is stuck, and the time left for the doctor to deal with is usually only 8 minutes. A little carelessness will cause fetal hypoxia. With the development of medical technology in recent years, cesarean section has become a trend Routine surgery, which is relatively safe, less painful and less complications, is more and more “favored”.

“I’d rather have 1000 wrong cesarean sections than take a risk!” hospitals and doctors want to give patients the highest safety factor, so cesarean section naturally becomes the first choice.

Natural childbirth has many benefits

Some experts suggest that for most pregnant women, natural delivery should be the first choice. In this way, in the process of production, after the extrusion and contraction of the uterus, it is not only conducive to reducing the incidence of neonatal pneumonia, but also beneficial to postpartum physical recovery and lactation.

“No medical technology has absolute advantages. No matter how mature the technology is, it can’t be set out by a ‘formula’ on the individual.” Xu Yongping believes that as for natural delivery and cesarean section, which method is better has always been controversial in the clinical industry, but based on the current practice environment, we have to make a “balance between the two disadvantages and take the lesser one” It’s hard to make demands on doctors.

“At present, the public pays attention to the high cesarean section rate, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the development of obstetrics. Instead, it can make people re-examine their choices and make the behavior of all parties return to rationality. What doctors, pregnant women and family members need most is courage!”


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