With the rapid development of our country’s technology, we hope that more and more scientific methods can help you to relieve the pain of childbirth!

Doula delivery

95% of the women will have a strong sense of fear and loneliness in the process of childbirth, and almost 100% of the pregnant women want to be accompanied by someone when they give birth.

And Doula accompany delivery is to hire a professional with production experience and rich obstetric knowledge to accompany the whole delivery process, and provide psychological and physiological professional knowledge in time. These professionals are called doula.

Delivery can be generally divided into three stages: to be delivered, childbirth, postpartum observation period. From the time the parturient was admitted to the hospital for labor, doula would accompany the parturient, introduce the physiological characteristics of childbirth to the parturient, eliminate the fear of the parturient, and carefully observe the various situations of the puerpera, so as to inform the doctor in time for treatment. At the same time, encourage the pregnant women to eat and explain the problems raised by the mothers and their families. In the delivery period, doula first introduces the basic situation of the pregnant woman to the chief obstetrician, and assists the doctor to make preparations. At the side of maternal guidance and encourage how to use force correctly, wipe sweat for puerpera, constantly give maternal psychological support. In the uterine contraction interval, to feed maternal drinking water, food, to help maternal maintain physical strength. During the postpartum observation period, doula will accompany the parturient back to the ward for two hours of maternal and infant health observation, and guide the puerpera and timely skin contact.

Advantages of Doula

Because doula is held by obstetric doctors, with many years of delivery experience and professional medical knowledge, the most important thing in the whole accompany process is to find and deal with all kinds of maternal situations in time. Therefore, the company of Doula is more professional and can guarantee the safety of mother and baby to a greater extent. Doula can build up the self-confidence of the parturient. More importantly, the professional guidance of Doula can shorten the whole labor process and make the mother and baby more healthy.

At present, the hospitals that can provide Doula delivery are: Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital, Beijing maternity hospital, Beijing Haidian maternal and child health hospital, Shanghai International Peace Maternal and child health hospital, Shanghai Changning District Maternal and child health hospital, Dalian maternal and child hospital, Dalian Shahekou maternal and child health hospital, and Guangdong maternal and child health hospital.

Sitting delivery

Experts believe that: the traditional supine malpractice is obvious, which often makes the sacrococcygeal joint difficult to expand, resulting in pelvic outlet stenosis, uterine compression of pelvic artery and vein, resulting in the reduction of placental blood flow and influence, this delivery posture is contrary to the physiological adverse position.

There are six advantages of sitting delivery: first, it can shorten the labor process; second, it can increase the pressure on uterine contraction; third, it can increase the diameter of pelvic outlet; fourth, it can reduce the inclination of pelvis, which is conducive to smooth delivery; fifth, it can improve the blood supply of placenta, reduce the rate of intrauterine distress and neonatal asphyxia; fourth, it can improve the supply of placental blood; Sixth, the puerpera feels comfortable in childbirth, can look around everything, reduce the tension, fear and uneasiness. Changing the position of delivery can also relieve the tension of parturient, so as to reduce labor pain.

At present, the hospitals that can provide sitting delivery are: Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital; Beijing Haidian maternal and child health hospital.


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