Midwifery is a natural mode of delivery that every expectant mother yearns for. Midwifery is not only conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, but also conducive to the post-natal repair of expectant mother.

But in fact, not every expectant mother is suitable for spontaneous delivery. So, what are the conditions for deciding what to do?

1. Easy delivery at the age of 24-28

Generally speaking, the age of 24-28 is the best time for women to have children. Because women at this stage have enough tension in both the birth canal and pelvis, which not only meets the basic conditions for spontaneous delivery, but also recovers quickly after delivery.

Cesarean section may occur when the child is over 28 years old. Because the pelvic joints of mothers-to-be begin to harden, they are not easy to expand, and the contraction of uterus is poor, so most mothers-to-be will choose caesarean section.

2. The size of the birth canal of the expectant mother is normal

The birth canal is the passage through which the baby is born. It consists of the pelvis, the uterine orifice and the soft birth canal. Once delivery begins, the birth canal will open enough for the fetus to pass through, allowing the mother-to-be to deliver smoothly.

However, there are also some quasi-mothers who have completely opened the soft birth canal at the time of delivery, but the size and shape of the bone birth canal are not suitable for spontaneous delivery, and when the fetal head diameter is larger than the bone birth canal, the quasi-mothers will choose caesarean section.

3. Normal fetal position

We all know that the position of the baby determines whether the expectant mother will give birth by cesarean section or by spontaneous delivery.

Generally speaking, the baby’s head position is a good posture for spontaneous delivery. However, in the course of childbirth, once the baby appears abnormal fetal position, such as hip circumference or horizontal position. In this case, the doctor will use a caesarean section.

Therefore, in order to choose the expectant mothers with spontaneous delivery, regular pregnancy examination should be done during pregnancy. If fetal abnormalities occur, timely correction should be made to avoid affecting spontaneous delivery.

4. Moderate size of fetus

Generally speaking, the standard weight of a newborn is about 2.5 kg to 4 kg. If the size of the fetus is within the standard range, the delivery process of the expectant mother will be relatively shorter, and it is easier to have a normal birth.

However, if the fetus is too large, it will not only increase the difficulty of delivery, but also cause dystocia because of the limited size of the birth canal of the mother-to-be. Therefore, if the fetus is too large, the doctor will use caesarean section.

5. The expectant mother has enough productivity

If a mother-to-be wants to give birth naturally, she must be productive enough. Because in childbirth, the fetus will enter the birth canal, at this time, the need for the mother-to-be’s productivity boost, to help the baby through the birth canal.

If Mommy is short of labor, it will make the fetus stay in the birth canal for a long time and suffocate easily.

So, if you want to give birth to a mother-to-be, you need to have enough productivity. Pregnancy can increase productivity by walking or eating nutritious foods.

After reading the above, the expectant mothers who want to have a normal birth must pay attention to it. Of course, expectant mothers also need to maintain a happy mood and proper exercise during pregnancy, because these are also one of the conditions for deciding the birth.


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