Lateral incision of natural labor refers to the way that doctors use the perineal part to cut the opening in order to speed up the birth of the baby in the process of delivery. If there is no lateral episiotomy and produce perineal tears, the wound is messy and irregular, but not conducive to maternal vaginal recovery. So, does every expectant mother who gives birth naturally need side cutting?

One, terror! Almost all natural labor should be cut laterally

Minmin is about to give birth. When she has the last check-up in the hospital, she discusses with the doctor about the choice of natural labor, so as to avoid the knife on her belly. However, the doctor told Minmin that even if the knife on the stomach can be avoided, he will still cut a knife on the perineum when giving birth. Minmin is very confused, isn’t natural childbirth directly let the baby from the vagina? Is every expectant mother’s natural birth surgery to be performed episiotomy?

Since the 1980s, doctors have mainly carried out episiotomy for several cases, such as poor elasticity of perineum, perineal scar, fetal asphyxia and need to be delivered as soon as possible. But many clinical data show that even if the perineal elasticity is very good, about 80% of the puerpera will still have perineal tear after delivery. Compared with those who choose lateral episiotomy, those who do not have lateral episiotomy have more wounds, irregular edges, and the healing effect is more difficult to control, which is not conducive to the improvement of the quality of postpartum sexual life. Therefore, lateral episiotomy has become a routine procedure.

If the expectant mother carries out lateral vaginal incision during natural labor, it can be healed 3-5 days after delivery, and most hospitals choose to use absorbable suture to suture the wound, which avoids the pain of removing the suture after operation.

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