Production is a must for every mother. Some of the numbness of the face of childbirth does not change color gnash teeth, but some numbness and delicate fear that there are many misunderstandings of childbirth. Now let’s correct these misunderstandings.


Severe deformation after birth

Some numbness originally just 90 jins, after giving birth to the baby to 120 +, which is simply a fat rhythm of a person ah ~so they think that it is not easy to restore the shape of the natural birth.

[misunderstanding correction]

Vaginal delivery due to pelvic ligament relaxation, so that the pelvis and buttocks widened, appear more plump. New mothers should be active breastfeeding after childbirth, reasonable food intake, and adhere to exercise, the body will certainly be able to restore the appearance before pregnancy.


It is better to change the profile than to start from the beginning.

Some people start with a cesarean section, but halfway through it, it’s a nightmare to switch to a cesarean section for a variety of reasons, so they think it’s better to start with a cesarean section than to avoid “two pains”.

[misunderstanding correction]

Maternity should take what kind of delivery, the doctor will have a professional arrangement, the doctor will according to your own conditions for you to determine the appropriate mode of delivery. Not suitable for parturient women. Before the production, the doctor will inform that cesarean section should be performed.


Spontaneous labor is more painful than caesarean section.

Natural delivery is too painful to bear. It’s good to have a caesarean section. Anesthetic is not painful, and mother and child are safe.

[misunderstanding correction]

Caesarean section is not as painful as spontaneous labor, but there is also a certain risk. During labor, maternal should divert attention and pay attention to relaxation, so that it can also relieve pain. Because of the analgesic effect of anesthetics, cesarean section pain is alleviated, but there are certain risks in cesarean section to a certain extent, such as anesthetic accidents, postoperative bleeding, postpartum infection rate and so on.


Side cuts are too painful to accept.

Some of them say that they have to cut a knife if they are born. The pain is much worse than caesarean section.

[misunderstanding correction]

Side cutting is actually a good way to help spontaneous labor. Qi adapted to the crowd is for the larger fetus, hypoxia, hip delivery, or a longer second stage of labor, or other medical indications, need to implement forceps, aspirator midwives.

It has the advantage of expanding the birth canal, allowing the baby to be born smoothly and quickly, and the laceration is neat, and the suture operation after delivery is easy to operate.

The rejection of lateral incision will lead to perineal tear, difficult to suture, after the removal of the scar is also irregular, affecting aesthetic; serious, but also damage the anal sphincter, resulting in incontinence after urine and urine.


Vaginal relaxation due to spontaneous labor

Not to mention that you don’t have such concerns, even I thought that vaginal relaxation caused by birth, affecting sexual life.

[misunderstanding correction]

Postpartum in the premise of ensuring nutrient intake, through the exercise of pelvic muscles can improve the phenomenon of vaginal relaxation. With the recovery of maternal body, the level of sex hormone rises to the original level, and the sexual function will also recover.   


Small and weak in production

Hear that it is difficult to have a baby, is it purple sauce? Many small pregnant mothers worry that they are not strong enough in childbirth, difficult to have children.

[misunderstanding correction]

There is no absolute relationship between fertility and physical fitness, uterine contraction is the contraction of autonomic nerves, strength is very large, so normal women have fertility, the most important key is to pay attention to the skills of exertion.

It’s like this during childbirth – you have to hold your hands out with both arms, sit down with your buttocks, and use your strength where it’s supposed to be. In the whole childbirth process, mothers should adjust their breathing, relax their minds and apply their energy properly.

However, if a pregnant woman’s abdominal fat is too thick, then the strength can not be used, so the pregnant woman to control weight.

[warm reminder]

Delivery is a difficult problem for women. Before delivery, prenatal examination should be done to find out the unfavorable factors during pregnancy and correct treatment in time. In addition, pay attention to adjust the diet structure to avoid excessive nutrition resulting in fetal oversize, affecting the progress of labor. During childbirth, listen to your doctor’s advice and choose the right way of delivery. I believe that following the scientific mode of delivery, you will be able to give birth to a healthy baby.


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